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Online High Stakes – “KPR16” Almost Takes $1 Million

shutterstock_125380124The last few days over on the high stakes tables have certainly been improving with regards to the action, with the highest earner over this period actually being “KPR16” as he has taken home $980k. Kyle “KPR16” Ray achieved this by putting a bit of an end to Viktor “Isildur1” Blom’s recent hot streak.

He took around $600k from a session against Blom a couple of days ago and then added to it with another huge six figure score from his opponent the very next day. Both sessions were on the highly popular Fixed Limit Omaha Hi/Lo tables with “KPR16” really proving to be a thorn in Blom’s side.

Despite losing these big amounts to “KPR16” he never gave up on both occasions and managed to reduce all of his losses on both occasions to end up just $300k down during the last three days, which could have been three times more in all honesty.

Other players that were involved in this busy action on the Fixed Limit Omaha Hi/Lo tables were players like “SallyWoo”, “cottonseed1” and “Bttech86”.

“cottonseed1” actually finished this period as the second highest earner after he too took a large amount from Viktor “Isildur1” Blom amounting to more than $500k, though he did go on to lose some against various opponents to bring his total profit for the period to $345.7k.

Patrik “FinddaGrind” Antonius also came back to the high stakes tables of Full Tilt for a session after not being seen for a while. He recorded a decent profit of $99.4k during a short session at the Fixed Limit Omaha Hi/Lo tables and then left again.

The only other notable profit during this period was taken by “VietRussian” after he scored a good days work of $89.1k, though again it was a fairly short session in comparison to that of Blom’s and Kyle Ray’s.

We expect Blom to come back fighting though, just like he always does but it will be interesting to see which way it will fall this time around. We all know it could go either way with him, though it has certainly proven to be in the right direction more often than not this year.

The Largest Profits!

KPR16 – (+$365.7k)

cottonseed1 – (+$345.7k)

FinddaGrind – (+$99.4k)

VietRussian – (+$81.9k)

Keep following us on a daily basis to learn just how things are going right at the very highest stakes tables to be found online, we try to report on the action on a regular basis so make sure you pop in from time to time.


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