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LAPT Chile Final Table – Day 4 Pulls Out a Winner

shutterstock_65098237After an amazing Day 3 that saw some tremendous climbs in chips from the Day 4’s top three final table chip leaders, we knew that this final table was going to be a South American spectacular and by all accounts it was.

For those of you not following the LAPT Chile Main Event we saw Team PokerStars Pro Jose ‘Nacho’ Barbero come from out of nowhere on Day 3 to come into the final table with the second chip lead and we also saw mega climbs from Jaime Zamanillo and Fernando Javier Gordo all coming from their Day 2 finishing stacks of around the 200k mark to fly up to hover around the 2.5 million mark at the end of Day 3.

Day 4 on the final table continued with the underdogs climbing up the chip leader board with eight players in contention for the Chile Main Event LAPT championship.

Martins started the day as the short stack and must have been thinking about a way to pick up a large pot early. It came his way straight away as he doubled-up in a pot versus second place Barbero, who had wired sixes, but they didn’t hold up to A-T. However, Barbero quickly recovered with pocket queens versus Miranda’s big slick hand that ran through the board with no connection sending Miranda out in eighth.

The action continued with a massive three way all-in with Braga, Gordo and Cholakis involved. Gordo had Braga covered while Braga had Cholakis covered with Cholakis fishing for a triple-up. Braga was holding pocket Aces, Chokakis had Ac-Qc suited with Gordo holding pocket Kings. The dealer flopped out 4d-6c-8c putting the Aces at risk of being cracked versus the flush. The turn showed Ks giving Gordo the trips and the river pulled out a blank for his two rivals.

Gordo took a massive pot while giving us our second elimination saying goodbye to Chokakis. Soon after Braga hit the rails as he was severely hurt after having his aces cracked.

As the day went on the trend continued with low stacks climbing up the chip count when amazingly the final table’s chip leader, Jamie Zamanillo at the beginning of the day was knocked out by the final table’s beginning of the day short stack, Miranda.

Soon we were down to heads up, Tavitian managing to stick around after starting the final table in fourth and Martins, who had some miraculous staying power after starting as the short stack. In the end though from short stack to tournament winner was too much as the heads-up match between the two went in favour of Tavitian, who was playing with some unstoppable conviction to his game.

The LAPT Final Table Results

1st Pablo Alexander Tavitian $184,220

2nd Leonardo Martins $117,200

3rd Jose “Nacho” Barbero $78,460

4th Jaime Zamanillo $57,620

5th Fernando Javier Gordo $41,720

6th Sergio Braga $31,720

7th Alejandro Chokakis $23,780

8th Sebastian Marcel Miranda $19,220




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