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Largest Poker Room In London Opens

Yesterday saw the grand opening of London’s biggest poker room, with the Aspers Westfield Stratford City having undergone a massive expansion project. This project boosted the capacity of the poker room to a staggering 300 seats, whilst there is also room to allow an additional 500 seats on special occasions such as large scale tournaments.

They have been hard pushed to get all of the work done in time for their upcoming Aspers Christmas Cracker tournament. The £250 tournament is set to be a popular one, with players looking to make a good score before Christmas.

However, they have made good time on the project and it was open for the first time yesterday, with an impressive amount of players taking a look on the initial opening.

High Profile Events Have Already Been Booked

One of the biggest reasons for the expansion project was that they could attract some of the biggest poker tournaments, tours and series. They have already announced that some massive events are scheduled for next year already, though they have not disclosed as of yet which international events these are set to be.

Along with the expansion came a whole new dedicated money desk which will increase the functionality and convenience of the whole poker experience. They are attempting to make the whole process as painlessly effortless as possible, with this new desk a fundamental part of that.

UK To See Speed Poker For the First Time!

It seems that the poker room is going to make some positive steps for those players that have been calling for a faster gaming experience with options like a stop clock. Asters will be introducing Speed Cash Games, with them being the first venue to do so in the UK. Each player will have just twenty seconds to make a decision or their hand will be folded, much in the same way as an online setting.

This will delight players that have complained that they have not been able to see as many hands as they would like on a per hour basis at casinos and poker clubs the world over. This will be table optional, so do not worry if you prefer to play regular speed poker.

If there was ever a time to take a Christmas trip to a poker room, is there any more of a perfect location than the now biggest room in London? We ourselves are looking forward to see what big events they will be hosting there in the future and whether or not this room now becomes London’s premier poker location,


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