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Lederer Makes Controversial Tournament Return

Lederer Makes Controversial Tournament Return

In one of his most boldest of moves yet, Howard Lederer has moved away from private cash games and now moved back into tournament poker. He made this appearance at the Bellagio which is of course found in Las Vegas.

He was eliminated with his first buy-in at the Festa Lago $10k Event but has bought back in for another go. What is most surprising is that he hasn’t attracted any major confrontations as of yet. It’s still early though, and whilst the players in the event are keeping their mouths closed, the anger spreading across the internet is growing to massive proportions.

The calmer of the tweeters have been asking what the atmosphere is like in the poker room, whilst others are in complete shock. They cannot believe the nerve of the guy to parade himself around in a poker tournament when so many players are still yet to be paid back the money owed to them from the Full Tilt Poker site.

Over that past few weeks Lederer had been seen playing in Bobby’s Room at the Bellagio in cash games against players such as Doyle Brinson, that in itself brought criticism yet it doesn’t seem to have stopped him, in fact he is now happy to face off against many of these players on the felt.

Most of the talking was done on Twitter, even from the players in the same tournament. Jonathan Duhammel tweeted “Wow…Lederer is playing in the $10k at the Belaggio…the man has some guts”. Eric Froelich was a little to the point when he tweeted “I would be playing at the Festa, but Lederer decided to use my buy-in for himself”

David Baker tweeted “It’s one thing for him to be playing against his friends he helped to make rich, but playing in a $10k tournament against players he screwed over is another”. Jason Mercier also attacked him via Twitter saying “Lederer, What is wrong with you, go back into hiding, if we ever play at the same table in this event I will just laugh right in your face”

We will be keeping an eye on this event as it will surely only be a matter of time before something is said or done. With just a couple of weeks before the non-US players are set to get their money back from the newly owned Full Tilt Poker and the American players still waiting on theirs, surely it would have been better to at least wait until all of that had been completed rather than anger players even more.

He obviously feels his exclusive interview with Pokernews was enough to allow him to carry on playing; he must either be deluded or have balls the size of pumpkins.


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