Leo Margets Talks Survivor And Poker


‘Survivor’ is a huge worldwide reality television show that is recorded and aired in many of the countries across the globe. PokerStars Team Pro Leo Margets was invited to take part in the Spanish version of the program in which she had to survive a long two and a half months on an island with many other contestants.

In her latest blog on PokerStarsBlog, she talks about this experience and how her strategical thinking learned from poker really helped her to survive.

Her first strategy that she brought from the poker tables was to not prejudge anyone or to make any assumptions.

In poker you might see a 20-year-old blonde guy with sunglasses and shorts who keeps three-betting, and you might assume he’s a crazy Swede. But it might be his first tournament and he’s just getting good hands. It was the same for me on the show, where I avoided making assumptions about my opponents or drawing any conclusions about them or how they played without having evidence to support those ideas.”

As well as not making assumptions, she also used the patience she had learned from her poker game, how to adapt to certain situations, how to handle pressure and finally to develop your own playing style.

Also, in poker you tend to develop your own personal style of play, and on the show I soon discovered that the best approach was often just to be myself, because otherwise it just wasn’t sustainable. To try to fake how you felt about someone or something was hard to do, so most of the time I avoided trying.”

We can imagine that in a show like ‘Survivor’ the skills learned on a poker table can be very useful. The ability to read players for instance, those players that are all trying to beat you at the game. Survivor is all about a game plan and although we are not yet sure of whether she won the show or not, we really would not be surprised with her personality and extra special skill set.

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