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Lew Knows You Like To Harlem Shake (vids)

nanonokoAnyone that knows anything about PokerStars Team Pro Randy “nanonoko” Lew will know that he has two loves in his life, playing poker incredibly well and making videos of just about anything he can think of to share with the world.
Well, he has done it again, this time with his very own take on the ‘Harlem Shake’, which in case you missed it is the latest dance craze sweeping the globe following in the massive success of ‘Gangnam Style’.
We highly doubt that you have missed the original, yet if you have the music video basically involves a masked man thrusting himself at ordinary people simply going about their business. The music then kicks in and the video gets increasingly weirder as it goes along.
This has now spawned a new YouTube frenzy with hundreds of people making their very own Harlem Shake videos, with Lew seemingly unable to stop himself joining in with them. Take a look at his very own masterpiece below.

Lew has a sense of humour which is always nice to see from a poker pro, with this video certainly not being the first that shows this. Take a look at his nan-o-lympics in which he shows of his all round athletic abilities in a range of events.

He does have a serious side too though and likes to share his poker travelling experiences with his fans. In this video he records his trip to Macau where he took part in and won the APPT Macau in 2011.
It is a very good look at what it must be like to have the unfortunate problem of having too much money, the tiresome deed of travelling the world to stay at the very best hotels and play in the biggest live poker tournaments.

In the final video we are going to talk about, he goes back to his comedic ways describing how he has been doing and what he will be doing at the WSOP last year. He then attempts to pack himself into a suitcase before realising he will not fit and then packing a selection of things that he wants to bring to the tournament.

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