Lithuania’s “Faranius” wins the Sunday Million

Sunday Million Anniversary

The beauty of online poker is that one can enjoy the game regardless of location and even when their busy schedule includes another major tournament. Joe Cada, Lex Veldhuis and Bryan Huange bought in for the Main Event of the World Series of Poker and days after busting, they gave it another shot by participating in PokerStars’ Sunday Million. Sadly for them, they were unsuccessful and failed to make the final table or win a sizeable amount, unlike their Greek counterpart Stavros Kalfas who finished in the 96th place.

The Sunday Million attracted a total of 6613 players and this led to a total prize pool of $1.3 million and a hefty first prize worth $200,000. It took a while for the final table to be reached, but in the end it was “Faranius” who won the tournament despite sitting down with a short stack. He had just 20 big blinds left when the final table began, with Portugal’s “Travoltanc” being firmly in command with 20 million chips.

Just one other player had crossed the 10 million chips threshold, “avivgigi” from Israel who amassed 12 million chips, but in the end had to settle for the fifth-place. “Travoltanc” was the most active player at the beginning of the day and caused two eliminations, until he finally gave away a huge pot to “Faranius”. The Lithuanian was lucky to prevail with a slightly better hand, but for the Portuguese player this was the beginning of the end, as he lost another big pot to “luznypapa” and was eliminated in the fourth-place.

When three handed play began, “luznypapa” had slightly more chips than his opponents combined and a deal was made, bestowing a prize of $163,000 upon the Polish player. “Faranius” got $8,000 more than “przem77″ despite having fewer chips when the deal was made, because $20,000 more were still in play. The game was resumed between the three players who competed for the 20 grand and after “luznypapa” was sent to the rail in the third place, “Faranius” took all the chips when his pair of jacks improved to a set.

Check out the final table placement and the corresponding payouts:

  1. Faranius – $150,000.00
  2. przem77 – $142,000.00
  3. luznypapa – $163,772.10
  4. travoltanc – $72,743.00
  5. avivgigi – $55,549.20
  6. grasdal89 – $42,323.20
  7. chrispker23 – $29,097.20
  8. Tarzancev – $15,871.20
  9. bagoch – $10,250.15