Liv Boeree’s Australian Adventures (pics + vine)

gunbarell highway

Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree has always been a lover of traveling and taking holidays that are of the more activity based kind. This time she has been travelling around Australia both before and after her appearance at the Aussie Millions.

After saying goodbye to Melbourne, she quickly embarked on her journey to Byron Bay in New South Wales. As you can see from the vine below, it did not take her long to get acquainted with the locals.



Those were probably not the types of friends she would normally like to hang out with so it seems she quickly hooked up with some that she could.


Boeree is an all-out action girl so it is no surprise that she would want to try something to get the adrenaline pumping. We feel that although she managed to force herself to take the trip to do a skydive, we are pretty sure that she was not too disappointed when it was called off.


That was it for Byron Bay for the PokerStars team pro member but as you can see from the following tweet, it is not the end of her holiday plans just yet. She is trying diving of a different kind this time in Whitsundays.