Liv Boeree Competing Off The Table (vid)

Liv Boeree smoking cigar

Some think that what we do for a living defines us and that’s why poker players are frequently regarded as couch potatoes, albeit intelligent ones with amazing self-control. Liv Boeree has all these qualities and more, so it comes as no surprise that when an article invites readers to watch her wrestle in mud, very few can resist the temptation.

On a more serious tone, Liv Boeree proved more than once that she is an active individual with a big heart, always willing to go the extra mile for charity. Earlier this year she led Team PokerStars Pro to the clouds in Vertical Rush in support of a London charity called Shelter, fighting for homeless people. This time she went through a series of physically demanding challenges purely for entertainment, but as always, Liv took the challenge ahead seriously and the results speak for themselves.

Joe Stapleton was the courteous host and also her direct competitor, trying to keep up with the poker professional. To put it mildly, he failed graciously but he made up for his subpar performance by delivering the grand finale that Liv’s fans were hoping for. It is delightful watching the two of them compete, trying not only to outshine the opponent but also to enjoy the great outdoors.

Climbing trees, sliding down ropes and trying to find your way to the next checkpoint, while navigating some narrow corridors is not something that one would expect from a poker player. Liv Boeree does a brilliant job in completing each stage and fares much better than “Stapes” when moving across a winding bridge. What initially looks like a lopsided race with Stapleton as favourite, turns into an amusing performance that makes those 5 minutes fly by.

When the two of them take brief breaks, Liv sheds some light on the similarities and differences between poker and outdoor activities. Competition takes different forms and most of the qualities necessary at the poker table are rendered useless by outdoor challenges. The bottom line is that the short video provides an excellent opportunity for Liv fans to catch a glimpse at their favourite player in a truly unique background.