Liv Boeree Draws


Just when you start to think that PokerStars Team Pro cannot possibly have any more talents, Liv Boeree goes and pulls another one out of the hat. Her most recent blog post on PokerStarsBlog shows that she can produce a few really nice drawings.

Her blog post sees her talking about getting back into art, something that she used to love doing as a child. She explains how this love somewhat faded through her teens  as she pointed her life in a different direction but has now once again learned the benefits of putting pencil to paper and putting a sketch together.

“One thing I’ve been getting into lately is art, more specifically drawing. As a child I drew all the time – mostly it was horses or aeroplanes (don’t ask) and at some point the results were consistently good. However, as with most hobbies arising in childhood, the more emotionally variable years of my teens ultimately swallowed the necessary motivation for the more simple activities in exchange for more adventurous pursuits.”

She got back into art during the Aussie Millions in January with a friend and has not looked back since. She started with some painting before she picked up a sketch pad and scribbled a rather lifelike sketch of fellow poker professional Igor Kurganov. She then put together a sketch of a Rhino for a charity auction before realizing the benefits it can have for her poker playing.

“Since then I’ve found drawing after an online session can be extremely decompressing. It’s so very different in its mental demands from the logical tests of poker and as such provides a great daily contrast. It’s also helping with general concentration – oftentimes my attention can be quite scattered when I’m set a task, but drawing gives me extensive moments of laser-sharp focus and opportunity for perfectionism.”

We can understand just how therapeutic it could be after a long session at the tables and how each activity is almost the complete opposite of each other. One is full of mental strain and the other is a complete release of all stress.

If you have not seen the pictures yet or read the full blog post, you can do so by heading over to PokerStarsBlog. We have to say that both the pictures and the post are very impressive, so if you are a fan of the British poker professional, you really should check them out.