Liv Boeree Makes Good Before WSOP

Liv Boeree

Whilst the majority of the worlds elite poker players are all holed up over in Las Vegas trying to make a buck and a bracelet or two, PokerStars Team Pro Liv Boeree has decided to stay behind (for the time being at least) in order to have a little break from the game and to make a guest appearance at the MakeGood Festival which was held over the weekend.

The MakeGood Festival celebrates upcoming talent, encourages entrepreneurship and listens to the words from inspirational young people in the United Kingdom today. Boeree was recognized as one of the latter and asked along for a Q&A session as well as talking about making money from doing something that you love.

We are sure she handled her fears of public speaking well, whilst we are also sure that she inspired many young folk to continue striving to do what they love. Perhaps she will now continue to do what she loves best by heading out the WSOP to get a hold of her first bracelet, she definitely is due one.