Liv Boeree vines away (vids)

Liv Boeree

When poker players are away from the tables, they spend their time pretty much like regular folk, facing the same challenges and experimenting with the same things. Liv Boeree is not only one of the best poker pros in the world, but also one of the most popular, thanks to her looks, wits and attitude. She managed to surprise her followers once again with an amusing tweet after she forgot her phone in the freezer:


Immediately after her smart phone was functional again, Liv decided to experiment a bit with Vine, which is a mobile service that allows users to create and share short looping videos. Given the number of followers she has on twitter, it comes as no surprise that she chose the social network to spread the news around and ask for assistance. Her first video isn’t better or worse than what regular people come up with after learning how to use Vine, but the Liv Boeree signature makes it an instant classic.


On purpose or involuntary, Liv does a great service to Vine as fellow poker players are now learning how to use the application. Practice makes perfect and Ms. Boeree is known to be relentless at the poker table, so it’s not surprising that she strives to excel in anything she does, including short looping videos. Her second attempt is much better and the Queen of diamonds that appears in the opening scene acts as an excellent incentive for anyone even remotely interested in poker to click the video.


Only time will tell whether Liv will make a habit of posting Vine videos or is this little experiment will end with no consequences.