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London Casino Refuses To Pay £7.3 Million To Ivey

London Casino Refuses To Pay £7.3 Million To Ivey

According to the national news in the UK, Phil Ivey is being stifled of winnings of more than £7 million from a London Casino. He was apparently playing a very high stakes game of Baccarat back in August where he managed to accrue his massive winnings.

However, though he was initially told he will have the money transferred to his bank account within days, the casino has only returned his initial buy-ins.

The casino seems to think that there might have been something untoward going on and are investigating to see if there was any cheating going on. So far though there has been no evidence that any form of cheating has taken place.

Ivey is in many people’s eyes the best poker player on the planet, with eight WSOP bracelets to his name and a whole host of other major titles. He was one of the players that were heavily sponsored by Full Tilt Poker just before it became embroiled in the poker scandal of the century. Though Ivey has never been implicated in any of the accusations of fraud against the site, just being part of the site has tarnished his reputation a little.

Bets Of $150k!

Apparently on the night in question he was with a beautiful Asian woman, who the casino now knows has been barred from other casinos in the area for being suspected of cheating. He initially started betting the maximum $50k before asking if he could up the stakes, he was allowed and they were set at $150k.

When he first started playing he actually went down to the tune of $500k before he started to turn things around and eventually won the huge amount over two consecutive nights playing.

Baccarat is nothing like poker and is a game of chance that offers odds that are only a little better than games such as roulette. It is a game that is played against the dealer much like blackjack yet you can have side bets on other variations of the cards that are dealt. You can bet on the dealer to win, yourself to win or even to tie.

As we all know, Ivey likes to keep his business to himself and has yet come forward with any comments regarding this story.

The casino was the Genting Crockfords London which is the oldest casino in London. Though they are still to accuse the player of any wrong doing as such, they seem extremely reluctant to hand over the money without a thorough investigation. They have studied CCTV footage, whilst quizzing both the dealer and inspector who were the only other two people in the room at the time.



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