Luca Pagano vs an unusual player (vid)

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Sometimes you need a bit of entertainment on a poker table but we do feel that even the most level headed poker players would find it difficult to cope whilst on a table with the guy that PokerStars Team Pro Luca Pagano had in Italian comedian Fabrizio Fontana.

In the recent video, Pagano plays a hand with the well known Italian comedian and has to put up with some bizarre behaviour from his opponent. First he seems to have some sort of aggressive tick with his neck, he then consults with a hand puppet before he then starts to sing and chant. He finished off by trying to feed Pagano a meal of chips…poker chips that is.

The video that first surfaced a month ago on the YouTube channel of Pagano has since been edited to include subtitles in English, to allow us all to understand just what is going on. However, even with subtitles it is a bit difficult to fully understand the madness on the screen. Perhaps the idea is that we really are not meant to at all.

The video comes across as pretty hilarious, what with the toys on the table, the hand puppet and the dancing and screaming Italian when he wins the hand by busting Pagano’s pocket aces. It is a pretty standard beat with the four card flush helping out the comedian but if there was one player you would not want to lose to, it would have to be Fontana.

Would you be able to hold a straight face with somebody yelling “FLUSH” at your face? No, neither could Pagano. Check out the hilarious video below before you start to wonder exactly what it was that you just watched.

Luca Pagano is one of Italy’s best known poker players and also up there with the most successful. In live tournaments he has won career earnings of more than $2 million and is also a regular online player too. Although a major live tournament win remains elusive, he has always been consistent in them at cashing and has won a number of smaller side events on the European Poker Tour.