Lucrative deals reached in PokerStars’ Sunday Events

Stacks of dollars

7465 players paid $250 to buy into PokerStars’ Sunday Million this week and after 12 hours, only four of them were left standing. “jonna10”, “mindgamer” and “ManiacRazor” were the players who made the final table with the deepest stack and all of them made it far enough in the tournament to cut the deal. Interestingly enough, the eventual winner was Ireland’s “semaj2” who brought just 4 million chips to the final table yet clawed his way to the top.

The total prize pool for Sunday Million was $7,000 short of $1.5 million, which means that the four players were left fighting for roughly $600,000. At that point, jonna10 was the chip leader and semaj2 came in second, followed by “ManiacRazor” and “mindgamer”. The four players decided to split the money according to their stacks while leaving $20,000 on the table to play for.

This explains why at the end of the day the second place took home less than the player who finished third, which in turn earned $6000 less than the one in fourth.

Check out final table standings below:

  1. semaj2 (Ireland) – $168,227
  2. mindgamer (Austria) – $129,000
  3. ManiacRazor (Denmark) – $142,000
  4. jonna10 (Belgium) – $148,000
  5. gortsos (Greece) – $61,204
  6. Schmitzen (Germany) – $46,276
  7. Goldfish (New Zealand) – $32,095
  8. puan29 (Argentina) – $17,913
  9. realquiz (United Kingdom) – $11,569

Sunday Warm-Up winners also reach agreement

Although it pales in comparison to PokerStars’ Sunday Million, the Sunday Warm-Up is by no means a minor event and the best proof is that 3,510 players bought in. They competed for a total prize pool of $702,000 distributed among the most successful 540 players. As always, those who made the final table received the biggest slice of the cake and a quarter of the prize pool was divided among the ones who finished on the podium.

“likely2cash” and “luckysir” dominated the final table from the very beginning with 7, respectively 5.5 million chips to their name so it came as no surprise that they outlasted most competitors. Germany’s “P0kerBrain” on the other hand was simply impressive as he landed at the final table with the shortest stack yet became the chip leader at the time the agreement was reached.

The German was more than happy to secure a payout of $86,000 as a result of finishing third, while the players from New Zealand and United Kingdom competed in a short but intense heads-up. Four hands were enough for “likely2cash” to prevail and for his performance he received almost $90,000.

These are the 10 players who made the final table and their placement at the end of Sunday Warm-Up:

  1. likely2cash (New Zealand) – $89,299
  2. luckysir (United Kingdom) – $74,768
  3. P0kerBrain (Germany) – $86,195
  4. Josh1047 (United Kingdom) – $40,365
  5. DonkCommited (Mexico) – $29,835
  6. AA DOCTOR (Greece) – $22,815
  7. Big Fella GW (Austria) – $15,795
  8. 4better (United Kingdom) – $8,775
  9. catostar (Denmark) – $5,616