Macau Poker Cup Day 2 – Yip Firmly In Control


Day 2 of the Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon was played out at the PokerStars LIVE at the City Of Dreams a few hours ago, and it further reduced the field down from 168 players to just the 21 that will now be heading into Day 3 of the event.

Out of those survivors there is one player that now really in a strong position, as the chip leader from Day 1b carried on where he left off to build his stack into a dominating lead. He finished up the day with more than double anyone else at a total of 1,656,000 chips. His closest competitor is Lap Lay Chan on 769,000, meaning he has to be the odds on favourite now to claim this title.

Along the way we lost a number of players with Daniel Laidlaw being probably the most notable of them. The leader from Day 1a couldn’t quite match the achievements of Yip, but still at least made the money before being eliminated.


The Current Top Ten

1st) Brian Yip (Hong Kong) – 1,656,000

2nd) Lap Kay Chan (China) – 769,000

3rd) Victor Sheerman (Russia) – 760,000

4th) Thomas Ward (New Zealand) – 740,000

5th) Fanny Li (USA) – 691,000

6th) Tom Alner (UK) – 527,000

7th) Akira Ohyama (Japan) – 473,000

8th) Chuanyu Fu (China) – 466,000

9th) Fan Cao (China) – 414000

10th) Shinichi Takenouchi (Japan) – 383,000

Each of the remaining players would have achieved their targets for Day 2, getting into the money and then of course progressing to Day 3, yet they will now be looking to make that final table and of course winning the title all together.

The Remaining Payouts

1st – $1,340,000

2nd – $940,000

3rd – $554,000

4th – $427,000

5th – $317,000

6th – $253,000

7th – $206,000

8th – $158,000

9th – $126,578

10th – $101,000

11th – 12th – $76,000

13th – 15th – $63,300

16th – 18th – $50,700

19th – 21st – $41,200

Check in with us tomorrow to see if that man Yip can indeed turn his dominating display thus far into a well deserved victory. We will bring you all of the action on Day 3, letting you know whether anyone really can upset the current chip leader.