Macau Poker Cup Day 4 – Bold Scoops Title

Macau Poker Cup

Day 4 of the Macau Poker Cup has literally just finished after the fourth and final day at the felt saw the final nine players whittled down to a winner after around nine hours of play. That winner was Buyanjargal Bold after he successfully navigated his way past the other finalists to secure himself his first major title.

He managed this after a lengthy heads up session against Percy Yung in which he was always the aggressor. He used that aggression to chip away at his opponents stack to eventually be crowned the champion.

How The Day Panned Out

It took just 30 minutes before the first player on the final table was eliminated and on this occasion it was Jianhong Liu after he came into the day as the shortest stack. He called off all of his final chips on the turn when holding the K-10 on the board of 10c-Qd-8d-3h. However, he would have been distraught after his opponent Richard Hu flipped over the J-9 meaning he had flopped a straight.

Next to go was Terry Fan in 8th place for HK$191,000 after coming out second best in a flip when his pocket fours were outdrawn by the As-Kh of Percy Yung on a board of Ks-Qc-7s-Kd-2d.

Just 30 minutes later the event was down to six players as Xiao Lin had become the short stack and decided to push with the Kd-8d pre-flop. It was bad timing though as Victor Teng was holding the Kh-Kc and had an easy call to make. The board did nothing for Lin as he was sent home with a payout of HK$263,000.

In a fast moving final table it was then the turn of Fei Xie to bow out just 20 minutes later. He too tried to double up with a preflop push with the Ad-4c but ran right into the Ac-Qh of Percy Yung.

Another 30 minutes later the eliminations continued as the event was down to just four players. This time it was Akash Malik that was sent to the rail after his flopped set was beaten on the turn by the flush of Victor Teng.

This time we had to wait an hour before another player fell in the shape of Richard Hu. It was another all-in flip with Hu holding the Ad-3d and Buyanjargal Bold the pocket fours. It was the latter that came out on top on this occasion and Hu went home with a payout of HK$597,000.

Deal Made

With that elimination the three remaining players decided to discuss a deal and after around 30 minutes an agreement was made.

Victor Teng – HK$1,498,000

Buyanjargal Bold – HK$1,244,000

Percy Yung – HK$1,159,000

There is now just HK$243,000 and a seat in the ACOP Main Event up for grabs for the eventual winner. It took a good hour and a half for us to get down to heads up and the man who finished in third place for HK1,498,000 was Victor Teng. He started the day as the chip leader but fell when he moved all-in preflop and could not beat the As-Ad with his Ah-Qc.

It was not until 11.25pm local time that this event was finally completed after Buyanjargal Bold finally put Percy Yung to the sword having been grinding away at his stack for some time. The final hand came when Yung pushed in with the Kh-9c and attracted the call from his opponent holding the Ad-9d.

The board came down as the As-4c-6s-4s-2s which was enough to give him the victory and first place payout, though after a deal of HK$1,487,000. He also won a seat at the APAC Main Event which in itself is worth HK$100k.

How It Finished

1st) Buyanjargal Bold – $1,487,000

2nd) Percy Yung – $1,159,000

3rd) Victor Teng – 1,498,000

4th) Richard Hu – $597,000

5th) Akash Malik – $430,000

6th) Fei Xie – $334,000

7th) Xiao Lin – $263,000

8th) Terry Fan – $191,000

9th) Jianhong Liu – $143,000