Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon – Alner Gets Trophy

macau poker cup

The first ever Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon at the PokerStars LIVE at the City of Dreams  is over, with the winner being revealed as Britain’s Tom Alner. He took home a pay out of HK$723,000 and also a seat worth HK$100,000 Asia Championship Of Poker.

His achievement was made even more special since he was actually almost out of the event back on Day 2. He was a short stack sitting on just 8,000 chips, but managed to pull it back before being placed in 6th position coming into the final day.

There were 21 that started the final day, with Brian Yip being the overwhelming chip leader. He struggled to maintain that same momentum but was still sitting strong in second place with just six players remaining. That was as far as he was going to get though as his aggression finally turned out to be his downfall.

That left us with five different nationalities within the final five with the UK, Singapore, China, Russia and New Zealand all represented. However when Thomas Ward who was representing the latter was eliminated and the remaining four agreed to chop the prize pool.

All they were left to play for was the $100k seat in the ASOP, simply because all chip counts were pretty even. Once that deal was made it got a little more open on the felt and eventually led to us seeing Victor Sheerman go home in 4th place.

Next to go was Wilson Chuanyu Fu in 3rd after his A-8 wasn’t strong enough to beat the A-J of Alner. This gave Alner a big chip advantage over Chong for heads up, one that he never let slip. Within just two hands the event was finished after Alner made a set on the board of 7h-8s-9s-Ad-2h with pocket sevens against his opponents Qc-Jc.

How It Finished

1st) Tom Alner – HK$723,000 (deal)

2nd) Jason Jia Cheng Chong – HK$758,000 (deal)

3rd) Wilson Chuanyu Fu – HK$827,000 (deal)

4th) Victor Sheerman – HK$853,000 (deal)

5th) Thomas Ward – HK$317,000

6th) Brian Long Yip – HK$253,000

7th) Frank Maley – HK$206,000

8th) Joao Pedro de Castro – HK$158,000

9th) Shinichi Takenouchi  – HK$126,578

The event was certainly a success, attracting the second largest attendance for a Red Dragon event and one which we know the players all enjoyed. Congratulations to Tom Alner, a player who looks set to have a bright future in the game.