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Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon – Fan Takes The Glory

shutterstock_61917355On a busy day of poker events, the Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon joined the EPT Berlin in coming to an end after the remaining 18 players that had made it to the final day were whittled down to the winner of the title and new owner of a $1,771,000 payout.

There were initially 18 players that managed to make it this far from the original 891 that had first taken their seats in this event. We lost nine of the players to bring us to the final table with names like Vincent Rubianes, Chulwoo Park, Weikang Wang and Levi Dare all failing at the final hurdle.

The Final Table Seats And Chip Counts!

St 1 – Terry Fan – 2,135,000

St 2 – Sailesh Lohia – 555,000

St 3 – Fei Xie – 1,475,000

St 4 – Fanny Li – 1,050,000

St 5 – Wesley Zhu – 1,515,000

St 6 – Ryan Yu – 1,350,000

St 7 – Neil Chen – 1,815,000

St 8 – Gie Angelo Reyes – 1,820,000

St 9 – Andy Asihwardji – 1,080,000

Once the final table was established it was Gie Angelo Reyes who was holding the chip lead, though only slightly ahead of Neil Chen with the players holding 1,820,000 and 1,815,000 respectively. It was the latter though that would go on to reach the heads up session.

He would be up against Terry Fan who played the final table fantastically well and would actually be going into the session with almost double the chips of his opponent.

Heads-Up Chip Count!

Terry Fan – (8,450,000)

Gie Angelo Reyes – (4,630,000)

The heads up was a quick affair though with Fan turning his chip advantage into a win in the largest ever tournament in Asia. The final hand saw him push all-in with the As-5s and attract a call from Reyes who held the Kd-8s.

In a dramatic twist though the flop brought the 7c-8d-4d which meant Reyes was in front with just two cards to come. The turn then fell as the 3s now leaving him with just one shot at hitting a winning ace. The Ac fell to leave him delirious and his opponent rueing his luck, though nobody could suggest that Fan did not deserve the victory after a stunning display on the final day.

The Final Standings (Cash Amounts In HK$)!

1st – Terry Fan – $1,771,000

2nd – Gie Angelo Reyes – $1,242,000

3rd – Neil Chen – $743,000

4th – Fei Xie – $555,000

5th – Andy Asihwardji – $393,000

6th – Fanny Li – $328,000

7th – Sailesh Lohia – $262,000

8th – Wesley Zhu – 196,300

9th – Ryan Yu – $153,000

With this event now over, we start the week without any tournaments to follow, which is until the EPT Grand Finals in Monte Carlo later this week.


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