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Macau Poker Scene Continues To Boom!

Macau Poker Scene Continues To Boom!

We already know that Macau is home to some of the biggest and best casinos in the world, which harbor some of the highest stakes cash games and tournaments around. Well, it is officially set to get even bigger in Macau after the MGM has announced their plans of building a $2.5 billion resort there; these plans have already been recently approved.

Macau is already a huge gambling capital, with billions of dollars in revenue earned each year. It is the prime location for all of the worlds gamblers from low stakes grinders to the highest stakes high rollers. This new casino complex is going to enhance that reputation even more.

MGM resorts which are currently operating through their China based subsidiary put their proposal to the Macau government quite a while ago which requested planning permission and an approval to build the new resort at a location in the Cotai region.

Now that the proposal has been approved and planning permission has been granted, MGM are now allowed to move forward with the construction of a casino/hotel that will include 1,600 rooms around 2,500 slots, a large selection of 500 gaming tables whilst there will be a large array of shops, leisure facilities and plenty of restaurants.

MGM immediately paid up and initial $56 million to the Macau government which means they can make a start on the construction straight away. The whole build has been projected to take around 3 years, in which time the Asian City will have an extra layer added to its already booming gambling and poker industry.

MGM Resorts Jim Murren who is the chairman yesterday commented on the reports by saying “Having a complex in Macau represents a huge opportunity for MGM to continue to grow and prosper, whilst having the complex in China allows us to tap into the booming Chinese gambling scene. We aim to showcase our strengths in the field by offering only the best in design, the quality of service and wide variety of product offerings that only MGM can bring.”

Macau is already a favourite location for some of the world’s biggest and best poker players, with it becoming one of the premium gambling locations in the world. It is quickly moving itself into an elite field, joining the likes of Las Vegas at the very top. The city already harbours 33 casinos and whilst it does not hold the heritage and history of Las Vegas, it actually has larger revenue than the American city already.




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