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“madsamot” Wins PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up

“madsamot” Wins PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up

During a busy week of live poker, it may have been expected that some of the bigger weekly online events at PokerStars may be affected in terms of numbers. However this was not the case as the PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up managed to attract 3,527 players.

That number generated a prize pool of $705,400 which broke the guarantee of $500k yet again. This week saw the largest slice of that prize pool going to the winner “madsamot”, with him banking $97k.

The first player to be eliminated was the short stack “Sghango” on just the second hand, with him pushing all-in whilst holding pocket fours. He was called by an opponent holding the As-Ts, the flop came down as 5h-8s-Td-Ad-7d and “Sghango” was out.

We didn’t have to wait long for the next one either as on the very next hand, as “young_diam18” found pocket aces and pushed all his chips into the middle on the flop of Kc-7h-6h. He was called by “selinantis” who had the Kh-9s and was looking quite comfortable, until the turn and river showed 9c and 8s and he was headed out in eighth.

We then saw a flurry of players exit the tournament when we lost “seikoboy”, “HOLLANDSNEXT” and “mezzias” to leave us with just four players remaining.

“PokerFan89Gr” then ran his pocket nines into the Ad-5h of “staszeq” but saw an Ace hit on the flop, which saw him exit in fourth place for a payout of around $40k. This left just three players, with each of them having fairly equal stacks.

They agreed on a chop and were left to battle it out for just the remaining $10k. This ensured a speedier conclusion to the event, with “staszeq” being the first to leave as his Kd-Qd didn’t improve enough to beat the As-9s of “selinantis”.

Even heads up didn’t go on for too long as the chips found their way into the middle when “selinantis” found pocket aces and “madsamot” had the Qh-Js. The latter got luck as two queens fell on the board to give him that extra $10k and the title.

The Final Table!

Sghango – 1,248,356

mezzias – 4,913,560

staszeq – 4,459,805

selinantis – 6,303,924

seikoboy – 2,463,067

Pokerfan89Gr – 4,102,703

HOLLANDSNEXT – 3,848,624

young_diam18 – 2,140,125

madsamot – 5,789,836

Once we made it to the final table it was “selinantis” who held the lead with 6,303,924 chips, which had him around 500k ahead of the eventual winner “madsamot” in second place.


How It Finished!

madsamot – $97,000.00

selinantis – $72,476.27

staszeq – $82,000.00

Pokerfan89Gr – $40,560.50

mezzias – $29,979.50

HOLLANDSNEXT – $22,925.50

seikoboy – $15,871.50

young_diam18 – $8,871.50

Sghango – $5,643.20


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