Major changes in the GPI UK Top-10

top 10 on screen

The 2013 European Poker Tour Barcelona has just ended and both the WCOOP and MiniFTOPS are underway, so it is only natural for changes to happen in the GPI UK top ten. Some players have recently entered this prestigious list, while others have improved their position among the best British players in the world. Tom Middleton and Toby Lewis were among the biggest winners over the last couple of days, but only the latter made the top 10.

Paul Alner is hanging in there in 10th place after winning the Red Dragon Main Event at the Macau Poker Cup six positions above Zimnan Ziyard. This year he only won a side event at EPT Deauville, but he finished in the money nine times and sits in the 167th place. Jake Cody is one of the fastest rising stars and he is also a recent addition to Team PokerStars currently sitting in the 161st place.

Christopher Brammer sank 100 positions from his all-time high, but he is still ahead of Chris Moorman who used to be among the top 10 players in the GPI. Another British poker player who is widely regarded as an EPT expert is Roberto Romanello, who is on the verge of re-entering the top 100. Matthew Ashton can already brag about that and he is one place shy of matching his highest placement after winning $1.7 million in the 50K Poker Players Championship.

Stephen Chidwick is the third most successful British poker player of the moment and the one with the first chance to win the GPI Player of the Year Race. Although he has no chance of winning the aforesaid race, David Vamplew won a lot of money this summer and proudly sits on the 46th position in the Global Poker Index, his best performance ever.

Not surprising, Toby Lewis comfortably leads the GPI UK top 10 after winning two major online tournaments and finishing in the money at several EPT tournaments. He is also the favourite to enter the GPI top 10 as he sits in 28th place and EPT London is just around the corner. To put things into perspective check out the top 10 British poker players, including their points and placement:

  1. Toby Lewis – 28th – 2392.99
  2. David Vamplew – 46th – 2202.45
  3. Stephen Chadwick – 79th – 1927.23
  4. Matthew Ashton – 94th – 1808.88
  5. Roberto Romanello – 107th – 1746.23
  6. Chris Moorman – 115th – 1710.05
  7. Christopher Brammer – 136th – 1621
  8. Jake Cody – 161st – 1511.81
  9. Zimnan Ziyard – 167th – 1491.95
  10. Tom Alner – 173rd – 1477.45