Malasidou enjoys her PokerStars Team Online experience

Katerina Malasidou

People in general and poker players in particular should think twice about what they wish for, because sometimes dreams come true and they are quite different from what they expect. Playing for more money, against better opponents is the objective that many players set for themselves, but some end up being overwhelmed. Katerina Malasidou dreamed of becoming a PokerStars Team Online member and after four months she can honestly said that all her expectations were met and exceeded.

It was only natural for Katerina to share her PokerStars Team Online experience on the official blog and it looks like she enjoys every minute. Being a member of this select group has certain benefits, as she gets invited to glamorous events such as the Team Online meeting in Bahamas. She got to know some of the best players in the world and even play a friendly game of poker with football superstar Ronaldo.

Back in Greece, journalists swarmed her but she got the chance to level the playing field by responding to their questions only after facing them at the tables. This new experience swept Malasidou off her feet but for all the good reasons and provided her with the impetus to play more and improve constantly. When you have a Red Spade next to your name at the poker tables, opponents are more likely to be extra careful and this changes things.

Katerina is not intimidated by this new sort of pressure and did a fine job at elevating her game enough to remain the top dog at the poker tables. Becoming a PokerStars Team Online pro was one of her dreams and now that it came true, she intends to make the most of the opportunity. She confesses on the blog that the interaction with fellow poker professionals helps her a lot as it allows her to catch a glimpse at a fascinating world that completely eludes regular players.

There are of course new realities to adjust to and popularity came at a price, such as lengthy photo shooting sessions. As far as Katerina is concerned, this is not a problem and with a little help from world-class photographers such as Neil Stoddard, any obstacle is easier to overcome. Overall, the experience of becoming a PokerStars Team Online member proved to be immensely rewarding and she has every reason to believe that things will get even better down the road.