Martin Jacobson Gives Short on CNBC

Media Signpost

2014 WSOP Main Event winner Martin Jacobson has now had a good few days to let his victory in the world’s biggest poker tournament sink in and he has now been seen in his first live television interview since his achievement.

CNBC in America were the lucky ones to get a few minutes with Martin Jacobson, where he was quizzed on that final hand, what it felt like to win and what he plans on doing with the massive amount of money he has just won.

We have a feeling that Jacobson is going to have to get used to all of this ever since he took down $10 million and the World Series of Poker Main Event title, he is obviously a wanted man by the media especially through the manner in which he won that event having come back from being a short stack at the table.

He put in a masterful performance to not only come back but to seal the deal in style when heads up against Felix Stephensen. Many have claimed it is the best final table appearance since Greg Merson won it a few years back.

Winning the Main Event always brings a certain level of responsibility for the winner each and every year, simply because this is the one event that can literally bring more people into the game of poker due to its media attention.

There is no doubt this is just the first in a lot more interviews that Jacobson will be doing in the coming weeks and months, which we are sure that deep down he really does enjoy. Take in the interview below where we get a little more insight on how it must feel to win the World Series of Poker Main Event.

Jacobson has even had the time to finally get on Twitter since his meteoric win for the first time, though we expect he was quite busy celebrating his victory with those closest to him and with what he might do next.