Rettenmaier has his name misspelled on the WPT trophy

Marvin Rettenmaie

Marvin Rettenmaier  is one of the most promising German poker players and 2013 has been a good year with over €300,000 won in various tournaments. His performance at the World Series of Poker was also above expectations and overall Rettenmaier can be happy with recent results. Perhaps his most important achievement is winning the World Poker Tour trophy one year ago at the Bellagio and the corresponding amount of $1.1 million. His victory brought him in the spotlight, but Marvin had the unpleasant surprise of having his name misspelled on the WPT trophy.


The poker professional didn’t get too upset by this incident and tweeted his fans about how his name is denying him a chance to become famous worldwide. On the bright side, the German won the next WPT trophy in Cyprus and this time organizers got his name right. His fans didn’t fail to respond to his tweet coming up with suggestions about how to fix the error and prevent future ones. One fan made him aware of the fact that earlier this summer, his name was also misspelled on his Grand Series ME winners’ banner


For the time being, Marvin Rettenmaier is spending some quality time in Cyprus after failing to defend his title at this edition of the World Poker Tour Merit Cyprus Classic Main Event. There was a silver lining in his untimely elimination, as the German poker player has plenty of time to throw parties and get together with friends. MadMarvin even posted a tweet with a picture that pretty much speaks for itself:


When the celebrations are over, Marvin Rettenmaier might return to the United States and attend another major poker event in Miami. He didn’t disclose his intentions yet, but if we are to believe his followers on Twitter, Florida is the destination for MadMarvin.