Massive $1 Billion Play Chip Pot On Full Tilt

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Full Tilt Poker last week became the first site to see a play chip pot of more than $1 billion won, making it the largest pot of its kind in history.

Play chip poker has always been popular for players that are either unable to play for real money online legally or for those that prefer to play the game without any real financial risk. Despite this, it is still taken very seriously by some, as the first ever $1 billion pot ever to be won further emphasises.

The pot was won over at Full Tilt Poker on the 22nd of July on a six-max table playing 6-card Omaha. It was won by “1shini” when his king high flush was far too good for what his opponent was holding, giving him the pot totalling 1,006,260,000.

Whilst free play chips are handed out for free on most online poker sites they are also readily able to be purchased. Players initially start with 1,000 chips on both Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars and if the player loses them all, they are once again loaded with another 1,000.

Some players prefer to have a bit of a heads start rather than trying to build a healthy bankroll from the free 1k that they receive. They can buy chips using real cash with there being many different amounts that they can purchase at any given time.

For example, on the site where this record pot was won, Full Tilt Poker, players can buy as little as 200,000 and as many as 100 million for $1.99 and $199.99 respectively. This means that in a monetary sense, the pot won by “1shini1” would have been worth $2k had he purchased those chips.

We can bet that this pot will be beaten someday too, simply because of the growth of the play chip poker industry.

Play chip poker has become a lucrative industry in itself these days, with it becoming a very social friendly game that players can play on their Facebook pages or on downloadable apps. Play chip has been around for some time but because of social media it has become more accessible to people that have never considered playing the game before.

Players can interact with friends, family and meet new players whilst playing a relaxing game of poker knowing that they are playing for bragging rights and some play chips only.

For many it is also a gateway into real money poker. They can learn the basics at a free chip table, learn some strategies and get to grips with the game fully before taking what they learn to a real money table.