Massive deals made in PokerStars weekend events

Dollar in keyboard

PokerStars Sunday Million has a reputation for attracting thousands of players, but this weekend was special, with more than 8000 buying in. Booobich from Sweden won the tournament after more than 12 hours and for his performance of outshining 8306 players, he was awarded $139,000. Lex Veldhuis was the only Team Pro member to come close of the final table, but in the end he had to settle for the 11th place, while Pro Joe Cada and Adrianne “talonchick” Rowsome didn’t make the money.

It took 10 hours for the best nine players to make the final table and it was obvious that this edition of the Sunday Million will be a tight affair. The three shortest stacks were eliminated in less than an hour, leaving six players to compete for almost $750k. It is not uncommon for deals to be made at the final table, but it happens rarely where the money gets split between the six players still alive in the tournament.

These competitors were so evenly matched that they decided not to take any chances and secure a six digit amount on the spot. NastyMinder was the chip leader at the time and got the biggest slice, despite finishing in the 4th place, while three other players won a bit over 100k. Booobich and Mr Tytte were the two players from Sweden who benefited from the deal, but Booobich was the one to win both the money and the honour of being crowned the PokerStars Sunday Million winner.

  1. Booobich – $139,000
  2. mikael0117 – $101,804
  3. Mr Tytte – $135,572
  4. NastyMinder – $160,503
  5. SlaterDaKing – $105,000
  6. AB_Poker_12 – $105,000
  7. AlexRidov – $33,224
  8. ujisho – $18,273
  9. libormar – $12,874

3362 players took part in the PokerStars Sunday Warm-up this weekend and “Count_NN” from Kazakhstan emerged victorious. Eliminated were 494 players but there was another big winner yesterday, with Broose51 earning $87k as a result of a heads-up deal. He and “Count_NN” had very similar stacks and decided to secure $87,119 each, while playing for the remaining 10k.

Both of them started the final table with healthy stacks, but it was “LoosControl” from Germany that defended the chip leader position for the first few hours. His stack gave him a commanding lead over the pack but he failed to consolidate his position in the final stage of the event and finished 3rd for $55k.

Check out the placement and the payouts for the 9 finalists:

  1. Count_NN – $97,119
  2. Broose51 – $87,119
  3. LoosControl – $55,473
  4. qualle400 – $38,663
  5. Cafl – $28,577
  6. -#1Lottery – $21,853
  7. vip25459 – $15,129
  8. grind4fame – $8,405
  9. dulek_jason – $5,379