Negreanu Masters More Skills

Daniel Negreanu_2013 PCA High Roller_Day 2_Giron_8JG7036

Even if you are on the right track, you will get ran over if you just sit there and this applies to poker pros as well. That’s why Daniel Negreanu is not dwelling on his success and is constantly looking for new ways of honing his skills both at and away from the poker table. One month ago he announced his intention via Twitter to attend the “Personal Development and Leadership Courses” organised by Choice Center. He proudly proclaimed that after his return from Toronto, August will be choice juice month.


The Masters focuses on honing those abilities and innate qualities that help a human being evolve, regardless of his profession or background. Over the course of four weekends, participants will learn about why rigour is important in achieving mastery, how to make the distinction between concept and experience and which are the barriers to break.


One month later, Daniel Negreanu returns to Vegas and is quite confident that at the end of the training he will learn valuable things. The program promises to teach attendees how to eliminate limiting beliefs and how to create results by breaking the box, stuff that poker players could definitely use. Negreanu is an all-around player and the fact that he chose to take the course with Dr. Jorge Haddock speaks for itself.


With tuition costing $595 per person, it is only fair to assume that the organisers take the Masters seriously and this is more than fun and games. On the other hand, Daniel told his followers via Twitter that he also has a great time and posted this Tweet and the corresponding picture as proof: