Mateos Wins WSOP Europe Main Event

Adrian Mateos Wins WSOPE Main Event

After a tough couple of weeks at the World Series of Poker Europe, the proceedings have come to an end after the Main Event was played out yesterday. It saw the remaining six players come back to the field in order to play down until just one player was left holding the bracelet and first place payout of €1,000,000.

When that time came it was Adrian Mateos that managed to turn his three day chip lead into the win, not a bad achievement for a player that is only 19 years old.

He defeated Fabrice Soulier heads up after starting that session with more than four times the amount of chips that his opponent had. Mateos may be forgiven if he thought he had the title already wrapped up by that point, but Soulier not only managed to claw that deficit back but actually pushed into the chip lead.

However, Mateos showed huge resilience to start battling back himself and 100 hands later he had again pushed himself into a big chip lead before sealing the deal, when his opponent pushed all in on the flop of 4c-Jh-9s when holding the 9d-8d and he called with the Ac-Kc. He was behind but only until the turn brought down the Ks, the river was a blank for both in the 5d which meant Mateos was the new WSOP Europe Main Event champion.

Many of you may not understand Spanish but we are sure you will get what he is trying to say in his tweet following his win.

Mateos and indeed Soulier managed to break the firm grip that German players have had on major titles lately, with Benny Spindler and Dominik Nitsche having to settle for 6th and 3rd respectively in this event.

With this event now done with, the WPT Paris kicked off yesterday, so we have not had to wait long for the next big poker tournament. We will be following that one too so make sure you check out all of our daily reports.

How It Finished

1st) Adrian Mateos – €1,000,000

2nd) Fabrice Soulier – €610,000

3rd) Dominik Nitsche – €400,000

4th) Jerome Huge – €251,000

5th) Ravi Raghavan – €176,000

6th) Benny Spindler – €126,000