Mercier And Duhamel Talk Post-PCA Plans

Jonathan duhamel playing live

The beginning of the year is where all poker players would ideally like to get off to a great start, to get some nice early momentum to set the tone for the year. However, Team PokerStars Pros Jason Mercier and Jonathan Duhamel would obviously have liked to have done better at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure and the other events they have taken part in throughout January, but being the players they are they have put that to one side and are sharing their plans for the upcoming months.

They have both shared their forward thinking plans with blog posts over at PokerStarsBlog.

Jason Mercier

Mercier admits that it was not the best of starts to the year but he has actually been profitable in that time from the events that he has played in. This was due to a cash in the PCA Main Event for $18,200 and from having a large piece of Kyle Sorel who cashed for $80k in the same event.

He then went on to explain just how it felt being back into tournament mode after taking two months off from the game.

“It was cool being back at the table, and in a way felt a little like I was playing for the first time again. It felt as though I had this new outlook on everything and felt really energized — almost too energized to be just sitting down for 10-12 hours, to be honest.

He then went on to talk about his future plans for the next month or so.

“I’m really excited about my next trip which I’ll probably be en route to as you’re reading this. I’m going to Australia for the Aussie Millions. This will be my third time making the trip to Australia and I’m hoping to do well in one of the huge buy-in tournaments there. I plan to play the 25k High Roller, 10k Main Event, and the 100k and 250k Super High Roller events.

Catch his full blog post by going here.

Jonathan Duhamel

Duhamel starts out by explaining that the end of 2013 hardly went to plans regarding his poker, and whilst he says he will be doing most of the tournaments he usually does this year, he plans to make a few changes.

His next stop is the Aussie Millions, but he plans to play in more of the non-holdem events.

“As I write I’ve just returned from the PCA and am readying to go to the Aussie Millions where I’ll be playing several events along with the Main Event. I’m especially looking forward to being able to play some non-hold’em games there. I did well in the $50K Poker Players Championship at the WSOP last summer (finishing eighth), and I think this will be the first time since then I’ll get a chance to play mixed games live. I play them online quite a lot, but those opportunities don’t come along too often in live tournament series.

He then explains that he plans to enjoy more vacations between events rather than pure grinding the whole year through. He also wants to spend more time playing online than he has done in recent years.

“I’m additionally planning to play a little more online this year — both tournaments and cash games — than I did last year, because it’s so good for keeping you sharp when it comes to strategy and improving your play. I find when I get to a live tournament, if I’ve been playing a lot online I often know with 100% certainty what to do in every situation, because it really helps me keep focused on correct strategy.

Again to get the full blog post you can simply go here.