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Merson Snatches Player Of Year – Hellmuth Shows Class

Merson Snatches Player Of Year – Hellmuth Shows Class

Greg Merson will today still be coming to terms with the fact that he has just won the biggest poker tournament on the planet, a massive haul of money and his name up there with many of the poker greats.

However, he has also won the World Series Of Poker Player Of The Year with the only result that could have achieved it. He stole the award off Phil Hellmuth by taking down the first place he needed in the Main Event, leaving Hellmuth bewildered but full of praise for Merson.

Only Played Seven WSOP Events!

What makes this an even bigger achievement is that he won the POTY by only playing in seven WSOP events. He has always been a cash game player more than a tournament player yet in the small amount of tournaments he has played he has done remarkably well.

He won the $10k Six Max event and took home $1.1 million, cashed in a few others and has now won the WSOP Main Event for a payout of $8.5 million which brought with it the WSOP Player Of The Year crown.

It has been an incredible year for the player who only 11 months ago got himself sober after suffering a drugs relapse. He then handled the whole situation with class by first pushing his friends and family away as they rushed on the stage to congratulate him so that he could make his way around to congratulate his opponent with a hug.

Hellmuth Takes Defeat With Class!

Hellmuth often gets a lot of criticism for the way he acts when he loses a hand, yet now that he has lost the battle for the Player Of The Year, he actually handled it very well.

Merson winning this event was the only way that the WSOP POTY would be taken away from him, and it happened. Hellmuth had won the WSOPE Main Event this year and a bracelet in the WSOP itself and still found himself finishing in second, for the second year in a row too.

Despite all of this he showed true class to congratulate Merson via Twitter as he said “Well Done Greg, WSOP Main Event Champion and the 2012 Player Of The Year. Well Done, you played some excellent poker.”

The Player Of The Year seems to be getting harder to win each year, Phil Ivey made an astonishing five final tables yet could only finish in fifth place, and it seems it takes a Main Event and at least another bracelet…simple!


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