Mervin Chan Wins 2013 Aussie Millions Main Event


It was the 2nd cash for Mervin Chan in the Aussie Millions as he pulled in all 18,870,000 chips to bring down the event and walk away with $1.6 million in cash.

The Aussie Millions Championship went into overtime after a final table of players who were reluctant to give up their chips with the event running into a total of 8 days to whittle down the 629 field of players for the eventual winner, Mervin Chan, to emerge.

By the time the final table was decided Mervin Chan was certainly not the favourite with local boy Joseph Cabret among the competition. Even home turf was no guarantee as players such as Patrik Antonius were also sniffing around with 3 million plus in chips along with Daniel Shak, who won a $100,000 Aussie Millions Challenge in 2010 taking home A$1,200,000, also around the 3 million chip mark.

Shak is right at home when it comes to the Aussie Millions events. Since his first Aussie Millions appearance in 2009 in A$1,000 Limit Hold’em event, where he cashed in 15th, he has cashed 4 times out of 4 tournaments entered.

Even though Chan looked to have it tough he shares the same surname as a well known champ, Johnny Chan, and he lived up to that name adding it to a long list of poker’s 1st place finishes. Chan had also already cashed coming 65th in the A$1,100 No Limit Hold’em tournament where he won A$3,500 giving him form and plenty of practice coming into this event.

In fact Mervin Chan is not a well-known poker player and his name has never cropped up in any poker events prior to this, so this was a once in a lifetime win for the rookie giving him a spectacular ROI to what could be the start of a promising poker career for the 29 year old.

When the final table started Chan was in 4th position with 2,910,000 right behind well-known poker pro Patrik Antonius who was on 3,345,000 and 690,000 chips behind chip leader Jarrod Glennon.

In the end it came down to 3 players in the running with Antonius missing out on what would have been his biggest tournament win of his career when he crashed out in 3rd place mucking his losing hand and leaving it to a heads up battle between the local crowds favourite Joseph Cabret and Chan.

The heads up play was short lived and finished with Chan taking down Cabret after raising 320,000 only to be met with a three bet by Cabret, which Chan called. The flop was 8c-7d-3c to which both players checked through for 8d on the turn.

Cabret then pumped it up splashing 1.2 million into the pot, but the bet didn’t scare Chan who raised it up to 3 million to instigate Cabret’s decision to move all-in, which Chan called instantaneously.

The cards were on their backs with 8d turn card giving Cabret a flush draw, but it had also given Chan trip eight’s and outs to a full-house or quads opportunity to reduce Cabret’s nine out flush draw to just eight outs. Chan was holding 8c-6s vs. Ad-3d with the river card all to play for. Eventually, the river didn’t help Cabret when the King of Hearts gave Chan the hand with Cabret covered by Chan’s chip lead.

Final Payouts

Mervin Chan – (AU$1,600,000)

Joseph Cabret – (AU$1,000,000)

Patrik Antonius – (AU$600,000)