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Michael Malm Wins #Event #8: 8-Game Mix

Michael Malm Wins Mixed EventMichael Malm closed down the Mixed Eight Game in style, after being the second Canadian of the 44th World Series of Poker to beat a US player, in a heads-up battle to take another gold bracelet over the border just north of Las Vegas.

Steven Wolansky was the US player that just missed out to Malm, but he did earn himself a tidy profit of $136,534 after winning $139,034 in return for his $2,500 buy-in. Wolansky is a well-known player around the poker circuit in Las Vegas, mostly for his Texas Hold’em No Limit cashes in tournaments ranging between $100 and $500 stakes. He’s had a few notable cashes since his first 2009 appearances, with a few coming from tournaments like this one that are slightly above his usual buy-in zone.

In the $3,300 NLH World Poker Tour Championship Event, he won $10,750 and then went on to a $5,000 United States Poker Championship win of $15,400. Soon after, he won another $19,624, and then his biggest cash came this year for $38,393 however, today he has just beat that milestone with a win five times that amount and so has some consolation for just missing out on would have been his first WSOP Gold Bracelet.

On the final table it was the last four players who battled it out for hours before 3rd and 4th place dropped out producing a heads-up battle. Wolansky and Malm started almost neck-a-neck in chips. Slowly Wolansky took a convincing lead, but as the blind levels went up, Malm’s luck changed with the hands swinging back in his favour giving him the more substantial pots. Finally, after the fixed limit games had made a dent in Wolansky’s stack, Pot Limit Omaha came around and as expected the chips went flying. Wolansky was all-in pre-flop Malm’s upswing still firm as he rivered the nut flush.

The best thing about Malm’s victory for him was that he wasn’t even planning on registering for it. He’d just come out of a successful deep run in a deepstack tournament and wanted to enter into a different event. However, he missed out the chance as registration had closed, and so he ended up becoming a WSOP Gold Bracelet Holder by chance.

Event 8: Eight Game Mix Final Results

1st – Michael Malm ($225,104)

2nd – Steven Wolansky ($139,034)

3rd – Greg Mueller ($89,673)

4th – Eric Crain ($64,975)

5th – Michael Hurey ($47,771)

6th – Dario Alioto ($35,634)

7th – Mike Wattel ($26,966)

8th – Marco Johnson ($20,699)

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