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Michalak Claims First ISPT Title At Wembley

first placeThe inaugural International Stadiums Poker Tour Wembley has now come to an end after the remaining six players did battle yesterday across just three levels to determine the winner. Before the day even started however, the players all came to an agreement on the prize pool to even it out a bit fairer and left just €200k for the winner.

This is what ensured the action would be completed swiftly as the players already knew they were in for a good payday.

The man that managed to take home that remaining €200k on top of his chop of the prize pool was Jakub Michalek after he saw off Xavier El Fassy during heads up to bring him a combined payout of €436,000.

He did get quite lucky to win the event on a few occasions but all players need a little luck to win these big tournaments. In particular he got lucky against the player that came into the day with the chip lead. He won two huge pots against Pete Linton to put himself in control at the table, which proved to be the turning point in this event.

Gwendoline Janot was the only female player on the final table and was hoping to make history by not only being the first winner of this event but also the first female, however it was not to be as she fell in 6th place after running her pocket sevens into the pocket kings of Xavier El Fassey.

Alban Juen who also lead this event at one stage was next to go in 5th after being eliminated by Linton in a coin flip. Linto was next to go however as Michalek got lucky in a couple of hands to cripple him and then send him home in 4th place.

3rd place went to Nick Hicks who up until this point had been performing very well at the felt, especially considering he had been card dead for the most of it. He made top pair on the flop and pushed all in only to find that Michalek had been flopped a set.

This left us heads up between El Fassey and Michalek, though by this point the latter had built up a massive 8 to 1 chip lead over his opponent. He tried in vain to double up and felt he had a great chance when he found pocket kings. Michalek called with the A-7 and found some more of that luck as an ace fell on the flop.

How It Finished!

1st) Jakub Michalak – €436,000

2nd) Xavier El Fassey – €204,000

3rd) Nick Hicks – €254,000

4th) Pete Linton – €375,000

5th) Juen Alban – €290,000

6th) Gwendoline Janot – €243,000

With this event now out of the way, we just have the small matter of the WSOP and GDAM tournaments that are also currently playing out. So make sure you stay in touch and follow us through this mad month of poker action.

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