Mickey Petersen Reflects On 2014 WSOP

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PokerStars Team Online player Mickey Petersen has now like many other players consigned this year’s World Series of Poker to the past, after by his own standards not having the sort of summer that he would have hoped for.

In a recent blog he has written for PokerStarsBlog, he talks about his time at the WSOP, how he found it tough going despite being profitable, how he finds it easier to cope with downswings online rather than playing live and finally how he is now driven more than ever to improve.

“I have spent the last seven weeks in the dessert scrambling from one WSOP tournament to the next. Between a couple of well-timed swaps, selling some action to my bigger buy-ins and a decent bet on Ivey/Negreanu winning a bracelet (kids, never bet against Ivey!), I actually managed to have my first winning summer out there. However my own results were pretty mediocre, and with just three small cashes over the entire summer and only one really deep run, this was my worst result yet.”

He goes on to talk about how a bad run is managed far easier for him in online poker. This is because he is able to take in so many more games rather than just the 30 events he took in over that seven week period. He also feels that it is easy to let the sharpness drop and when you are sat at tables for such a long time.

Despite this he says he is more driven than ever to get back to improving his game. This is because he has seen the people that had success at the WSOP and knows that he needs to push himself to get closer to their level. Many of those players are even considered more online players than that of live too, which must show him that they have obviously learnt the transition to live poker a bit better.

“Some of the people who are the hardest workers and most feared tournament players online picked up bracelets this year: Daniel Kelly (djk123), Bryn Kenney, Calvin Anderson (Cal42688), Justin Bonomo (Zeejustin) and Paul Volpe (Paulgess81) just to mention a few. You can also add to that list two of the worlds absolute best heads-up players in respectively cash games and sngs in the form of Doug Polk (WCGRIDER) and Daniel Colman (mrgr33n).”

He goes in to far more detail over at the blog, which is certainly worth a read.

He finishes up by stating that he is now, like many other players, going to take a bit of a break before getting ready to putting in some extra hard work on his game so that one day he might be able to add himself to the list of successful poker players at future World Series of Poker festivals.