MicroMillions Event 45 to Event 53 Results Round-Up

micromillions λογο

Nine more outstanding ROIs were gained in a day where we saw Texas Hold’em, Omaha and the first H.O.R.S.E tournament of the PokerStars MicroMillions  as the day breached the halfway mark in the event.

MicroMillions Event 45: $5k Guaranteed $3.30 PNL

The day started with Big Format PNL. The prize pool rose to a reasonable $13,137 and 4,379 players got into the swing of things, aiming for at least a cash starting at 585th place.

1st “N_W_Child” from Russia won $2,065.43

2nd “Lidmania” from New Zealand won $1,537.02

3rd “Totti#C10” from Brazil won $1,083.80

MicroMillions Event 46: $25k Guaranteed $11.00 No Limit Texas Holdem

A standard game of No Limit Hold’em with 7,331 players and 960 bubble spots. $38,487.75 made it into the prize pool.

1st “holtender1” from   United Kingdom won $5,000.00

2nd “Mr.Moe1987” from Germany won $4,500.00

3rd “ReaDaeR” from Hungary won $3,204.76

MicroMillions Event 47: $50k Guaranteed $1.00 No Limit Texas Holdem

Another massive $1 re-buy tournament hit the virtual felts. All in all the 12,593 players clubbed together for a $71,101.03 prize pool, which was shared around 1,620 bubble positions.

1st “crazyrrednek” from Poland won $9,713.02

2nd “gusmaa” from Brazil won $6,861.24

3rd “bompa50” from Belgium won $4,977.07

MicroMillions Event 48: $10k Guaranteed $3.30 Pot Limit Omaha

5,904 players got into the Omaha action with only 675 of them fortunate enough to get an ROI from what became a $15,282 prize pool.

1st “chuvak25” from Russia won $1,786.34

2nd “SaJeDoe” from Malaysia won $1,376.94

3rd “Carlos Omse” from Germany won $1,029.86

MicroMillions Event 49: $15k Guaranteed $8.80 H.O.R.S.E

H.O.R.S.E. finally hit the tables with five styles of poker played at fixed limit stakes. 3,184 players signed up to fill the coffers with $25,472 and create the chance for 400 players to earn their bragging rights for cashing in a tournament that is real test of a player’s all-round poker skills.

1st “bobson85” from Israel won $3,400.03

2nd “badidada” from Germany won $3,419.47

3rd “Philipendul” from Estonia won $2,861.87

MicroMillions Event 50: $100k Guaranteed $4.40 No Limit Texas Holdem

Another huge guarantee allowed 18,532 players to contribute even further to what was the biggest prize pool of the day. It came to $160,600 and 2,400 players would get their fill after hitting the cash spots. Ironically, third place won the most cash after thrashing out a deal and then losing the chip lead.

1st “RealSurvivor” from Germany won $8,877.56

2nd “eL Jugadorrr” from Greece won   $8,431.64

3rd “mirito2806” from  Portugal won $10,000.00

MicroMillions Event 51: $50k Guaranteed $2.20 No Limit Texas Holdem

Re-buy action was up again and this time the tournament paid out the largest prize of the day of $11,089.62 despite the prize pool only being the second largest of the day with $100,694 going out to 1,710 places out of 13,094 entrants.

1st “Imbastrol” from Poland won $11,089.62

2nd “john deep” from Russia won $10,240.31

3rd “lorenzo6666” from Romania won $8,697.19

MicroMillions Event 52: $30k Guaranteed $5.50 No Limit Texas Holdem

$57,185 was split amongst 1,440 bubble spots. 11,437 players joined in and it took nine and a half hours to decide the winner.

1st “bananero17” from Uruguay won   $7,708.08

2nd “Ingvar78” from Estonia won $5,041.29

3rd “vanja-berkyt” from Ukraine won $5,214.36

MicroMillions Event 53: $10k Guaranteed $3.30 No Limit Texas Holdem

Last up was more NLH with 5,673 players up for the last of the day’s prize pools. The total pulled together was $17,019 and 720 players shared the winnings.

1st “SScopeSHARK” from United Kingdom  won $1,977.00

2nd “TeaBrown8” from Canada won $1,994.19

3rd “imorro16” from Peru won $1,777.00