MicroMillions Events 54 to 62 Results Round-Up


Supercharged turbo action, re-buys, fixed limit Omaha Hi/Lo, pot limit Omaha, and super knockouts all swept across the virtual felts of PokerStars MicroMillions as we mark the last half of the event.

MicroMillions Event 54: $20k Guaranteed $5.50 No Limit Texas Holdem

5,635 players fought for just 720 paid places in today’s first tournament, with a prize pool that bubbled $28,175 when the late registration closed the buy-in window.

1st “tez10” from Australia won $4,130.07

2nd “gianni 123” from   Switzerland won $3,563.17

3rd “Elgeborg2 “from Russia won $2,324.43

MicroMillions Event 55: $10k Guaranteed $2.20 No Limit Texas Holdem

The prize pool was boosted by 9,891 buy-ins. It reached $19,782 to be split around 1,260 places inside the tournament bubble.

1st “Slippery1989” from Australia won $2,916.27

2nd “Mr.Sanja_man” from Belarus won $2,126.56

3rd “DutchPolicy” from Netherlands won $1,483.65

MicroMillions Event 56: $5k Guaranteed $5.50 No Limit 5-Card Draw

5-Card Draw landed on today’s tournament schedule with an added bonus that it was being played at No Limit to spice up the action. Draw has incredible up and down swings and that’s what 2,046 players were heading for. The prize pool reached over $10,000 in which 264 players got their cut.

1st “scuel1975” from Argentina won $1,612.40

2nd “Boene” from Germany won $1,202.02

3rd “Katok77” from Russia won $895.12

MicroMillions Event 57: $10k Guaranteed $8.80 No Limit Texas Holdem

5,858 players were up for the 8-Max turbo shootout with Super Knockout tournament. With no late registration period for this tournament a $24,603.64 prize pool and bubble at 512th position were both confirmed as soon as the tournament got the first cards in the air.

1st “KidPokerSLO” from Slovenia won $3,322.97

2nd “Bergylicious” from Canada won $2,337.34

3rd “RollonSpaka” from Brazil won $1,845.27

MicroMillions Event 58: $75k Guaranteed $4.40 No Limit Texas Holdem

Another 12,243 were in for yet another turbo structured rebuy tournament with big antes being introduced at every step of the blind levels. 1,620 survivors made it to a cash spot attached to the largest prize pool of the day so far reaching $105,032.

1st “khaled2787” from Netherlands won $13,347.00

2nd “yoshiAlan” from Mexico won $11,134.93

3rd “RocknRollaRu” from Russia won $7,352.24

MicroMillions Event 59: $5k Guaranteed $3.30 Fixed Limit Omaha Hi/Lo Split

Omaha burst into action with some big pots courtesy of multi-way action as the players were drawn in by their attractive outs and affordable pots. 5,261 got their money involved in a $15,783 prize pool. In the end only 675 players walked away with a positive ROI.

1st “abcdcba12321” from Romania won $2,479.79

2nd “tiberiu20000” from Romania won $1,838.71

3rd “Bg_TiLT” from Bulgaria won $1,302.09

MicroMillions Event 60: $75k Guaranteed $1.00 Rebuy No Limit Texas Holdem

More rebuy and turbo combinations pumping out 3x turbo blinds produced another action tournament breaking event 58s prize pool record for the day. $138,723.13 paid out 3,150 cashes out of a field of 24,230 poker players.

1st “W1LD D1X” from Ukraine won $11,173.75

2nd “canalla311” from Argentina won $11,022.39

3rd “daevas770602” form Czech Republic won $7,511.96

MicroMillions Event 61: $50k Guaranteed $8.80 No Limit Texas Holdem

Another big prize pool that was just tipping the edges of $100k ending up with 10,013 buy-ins mustering up $80,140 to pay 1,260 bubble spots by the time the registration period was up.

1st “wellingtonwf” from Brazil won $11,789.54

2nd “Mr Napattack” from United Kingdom won $8,611.18

3rd “ploukplouk” from Canada won $6,007.80

MicroMillions Event 62: $10k Guaranteed $4.40 Rebuy Pot Limit Omaha

To finish what was a day quick of firing poker, big antes, and turbo action Pot Limit Omaha on 8-max tables with rebuys pulled about the perfect end to a myriad of action packed tournaments. 1,496 action junkies signed up for yet another ruthless 4-Card Omaha event. The prize pool raised $18,052 and paid out 192 players.

1st “lllothup” from Canada won $2,979.47

2nd “ThaGod” from Canada won $2,238.44

3rd “estevaovh” from Brazil won $1,669.81