MicroMillions Events 63 to 71 Results Round-Up

Dollar Sign Island

2-7 Triple Draw and 5-Card Omaha were on the cards alongside the usual string of turbo and re-buy action packed Hold’em tournaments. 9 poker MTTs took the virtual felts and by the end of the day the $1.5 million guaranteed main event’s shadow started to creep in.

MicroMillions Event 63: $15k Guaranteed $5.50 No Limit Texas Holdem

5,271 players made-up for 675 paid places to share the $26,355 prize pool.

1st “RRFries” from Brazil won $4,137.51

2nd “Jeeper700” from Russia won $3,070.35

3rd “notsure248” from Mexico won $2,174.28

MicroMillions Event 64: $15k Guaranteed $3.30 No Limit Texas Holdem

$27,939 went into event 64’s prize pool and it took 9 hours and 18 minutes to get through 9,313 players to empty the cash across 1,170 places.

1st “Eristo88” from Czech Republic won $4,196.77

2nd “BuLA222” from Russia won $3,073.29

3rd “alejotole2” from Venezuela won $2,095.42

MicroMillions Event 65: $20k Guaranteed $4.40 No Limit Texas Holdem

More big ROIs coming from this game with “rush.pp” getting the better of his Hungarian opponent when the tournament ran down to heads-up. The deal was a sensible one by “rerobi1” as he lost the chip lead, but still got a solid cash for coming second from a field of 8,777. The prize pool was announced as $35,108 and share around 1,140 places.

1st “rush.pp” from Germany won $4,642.19

2nd “rerobi1” from Hungary won $4,242.19

3rd “perceval7” from Hungary won $2,545.33

MicroMillions Event 66: 10k Guaranteed $2.20 No Limit Texas Holdem

Event 66 became the largest tournament of the day at this point. 13,744 buy-ins. Despite the large number of buy-ins the low buy-in was the 3rd biggest out of 4 at that time. Still $27,488 to be paid out to the first 1,800 is one of the best prize pools you’ll see for a $2.20 buy-in.

1st “Milchev94” from Bulgaria $3,650.95

2nd “Rolandeloo” from Lithuania $2,513.77

3rd “dontbesad01” from Ukraine $1,896.67

MicroMillions Event 67: $75k Guaranteed $1.00 Re-BuysNo Limit Texas Holdem

19,822 players came along for the ride cracking event 66’s initial big prize pool. $113,778.21 went into the prize pool with some frantic re-buy blind levels going at x3 turbo pace. The fast paced action pulled out the top 4 biggest winners so far.

1st “fishy_do” from Canada won $11,389.43

2st “duklaak” form Slovakia won $9,086.32

3rd “JinaWeilt” from Germany won $6,826.69

4th “UFgators948” from Mexico won $5,120.01

MicroMillions Event 68: $5k Guaranteed $3.30 5-Card Pot Limit Omaha

The action packed 5-Card Omaha new to online poker set the tables on fire with 6-max action in a game that dishes out 10 Hold’em hands to each player pre-flop. 4,784 players were in on the action and 600 place came out alive with a cash to boast from a $14,352 prize pool.

1st “vhell” from Hungary won $2,191.55

2nd “LudiKK” from Serbia won $1,578.72

3rd “rangeris332 from Lithuania won $1,148.16

MicroMillions Event 69: $5k Guaranteed $3.30 No Limit 2-7 Single Draw

Viktor “Isildur1” Blom’s favourite and most profitable online game so far took the tables, but with just a single draw of the cards. This game has big swings and plenty of action with 5 cards unseen. 3,560 players stumbled into the game and 450 stumbled out with cash from a pretty decent $10,680 prize pool.

1st “Kivisaba” from Estonia won $1,657.08

2nd “DJUDJANI” from Bulgaria won $1,212.18

3rd “Lierfoss” from Norway won $891.78

MicroMillions Event 70: $30k Guaranteed $5.50 No Limit Texas Holdem

10,907 entrants bought in with $54,535 to play for. Out of the 1,440 bubble breakers this tournament provided us with the 3rd and 4th biggest pay-outs of the day with just 1 more tournament left to run.

1st “alisaurio” from Mexico won $7,642.06

2nd “TotoyRuppy” from Argentina won $5,562.57

3rd “chillaz4free” from Austria won $3,926.52

MicroMillions Event 71: $20k Guaranteed $11.00 No Limit Texas Holdem

5,890 entrants invested into the tournament with Thursday’s largest buy-in raising $30,922.50 for only 765 lucky winners past the bubble.

1st “musashi_sens” from Portugal won $4,840.94

2nd “its nonsence” from Finland won $3,602.47

3rd “bertola10” from Portugal won $2,551.10