MicroMillions Events 72 to 80 Results Round-Up

micromillions λογο

Re-buy Pot Limit Omaha action and 5-Card Omaha using the Courchevel style joined in with the daily Hold’em tournaments for the PokerStars MicroMillions. $100k plus prize pools and 5 figure first place prize all heated up inside Friday’s hot table action, with the biggest winner of the day taking home $11,232.51 from a huge $131,935 prize pool for just a $5.50 buy-in.

MicroMillions Event 72: $30k Guaranteed $1.00 Rebuy No Limit Texas Holdem

7,579 players were in for the first tournament of the day. Turbo re-buy action took the tables pushing up the prize pool to $42,052.92 and giving 990 places a chance to cash.

1st “AVE JC” from Czech Republic won $6,400.71

2nd “crazyron19” from Canada won $4,730.95

3rd “piakostylez” from New Zealand      won $3,364.23

MicroMillions Event 73: $15k Guaranteed $3.30 No Limit Texas Holdem

$26,346 was shared around 1,170 bubble spots out of 8,782 entrants.

1st “drewster33” from United Kingdom won      $2,962.16

2nd “kayode12” from United Kingdom won $2,528.73

3rd “Diamondderrr” from Australia $2,490.78

MicroMillions Event 74: $30k Guaranteed $8.80 No Limit Texas Holdem

1,100 players made it past the bubble to dig into the $33,889.80 prize pool consisting of 8,069 buy-ins and a $30k guarantee.

1st “CrazyAjee” from Russia won $3,484.63

2nd “zil o megas” from Greece won $2,105.91

3rd “paok3kala” from Greece     won $1,220.37

MicroMillions Event 75: 25k Guaranteed $5.50 No Limit Texas Holdem

The trend of the day was already being set with yet another prize pool getting past the 40k mark. 1,140 players took advantage to get their share of that cash after the field whittled down from 8,651 to crack through the bubble.

1st “davrow” from United Kingdom won $6,493.93

2nd KingAubut” from Canada    won $4,450.93

3rd “vantastic11” from Australia won $3,135.98

MicroMillions Event 76: $20k Guaranteed $2.20 No Limit Texas Holdem

There were 20,208 players getting into the low stakes action pulling together yet another plus 40k prize pool. $40,416 was paid out to 2,700 more bubble crackers to add to the days ROI busters.

1st “Fab-Dach” from Brazil won $3,841.46

2nd “JUST-P-77” from Lithuania won $3,441.47

3rd “ttt1888” from Russia won $2,424.96

MicroMillions Event 77: $40k Guaranteed $2.20 Re-buy No Limit Omaha

No Limit Omaha pulled in the largest prize pool so far in the day. 6,125 players came forward and just 780 were to walk away with a slice of the $72,998 stashed up for the bubblers. It was “One Poor Bum” who had won the lion’s share and the largest win of the day at this point.

1st “One Poor Bum” from United Kingdom won $8,611.15

2nd “igor677555” from Russia won $8,217.06

3rd “Tazzy791” from United Kingdom won $7,815.37

MicroMillions Event 78: $75k Guaranteed $5.50 No Limit Texas Holdem

Just one event later and Friday’s prize pool record was smashed again as $75k and 17,252 buy-ins pulled in $131,935 to pay 2,400 cash places, and the biggest cash winner of the day was produced.

1st “dynamicnag” from India won $11,232.51

2nd “RudiTurbo” from Estonia won $9,428.03

3rd “thunderaceK” from Germany won $6,818.61

MicroMillions Event 79: $5k Guaranteed $3.30 Pot Limit Courchevel

A four way split on the last of the $9,060 prize pool meant second place was paid out the largest slice of the prize money. 3,020 came along and 384 conquered the tournament to cash.

1st “meKILLstacks” from Brazil $1,072.68

2nd “Dudueb from Russia won $1,179.61

3rd “kingstun s4” from Canada won $915.80

MicroMillions Event 80: $20k Guaranteed $5.50 No Limit Texas Holdem

$31,145 was put together for the last event of the day where we finished up with 810 more positive ROIs out of 6,229 buy-ins.

1st “Lhamarion” from Brazil won $4,874.84

2nd “tristancross” from Uruguay won $3,628.39

3rd “elguaje28” from Colombia won $2,564.79