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MicroMillions Halfway Mark – $4Million Won Already

MicroMillions Halfway Mark – $4Million Won Already

The PokerStars MicroMillions has gone just a little over the halfway mark; the winnings have already passed an astonishing $4 million. This is only the second time this event has been run and with the average buy-in just a measly $5, anyone can play and the prize pool guarantees are being smashed left right and centre.

This has resulted in a huge rush of players to the imaginary felt; one player is even trying to play in every tournament in the event. Andre “acoimbra” Coimbra who is an online Team PokerStars member is attempting to take part in each of the 100 tournaments, this really cannot allow much time for sleeping, however he has done well so far by cashing out in 11 of them.

The Battle For The Top Nation!

In the battle for top nation, it is currently Germany and Russia heading the leader boards, thought the United Kingdom is also producing many winners. One such win for the UK was in the very first tournament of the event, an 11 cent re-buy event which held over 56,870 runners, 328,190 re-buys and 19,559 add ons which guaranteed the $10,000 payout by more than four times.

Out of these huge numbers only 100 players would receive a payout, and the British player “cittadipace” finally won the tournament and took home $7,332.37.

The biggest win so far though came in the PokerStars Sunday Storm Edition, a tournament that guaranteed $300,000 but eventually turned into $365,230 due to the size of the field. The buy-in was £11 dollars and a massive $36,523 decided to take part. At the business end of the tournament it came down to a heads up situation in which Russian player Artemur went home with $31,376,06.

Germany, Russia, Holland and the United Kingdom have been shown to be the most successful of all nations so far but there have been winners from all across the world. Players from as far wide as New Zealand, Croatia, Bulgaria, Ireland, Romania and Belgium have been managing to win tournaments and take home healthy prizes.

The MicroMillions Main Event!

What’s more, with so many more events to come there is bound to be more countries added to that list. Many people’s eyes are fixated on the upcoming MicroMillions Main Event though, which is starting in just a few days on the 22nd of July. There is a guaranteed prize pool of $1million with at least £150k going to the outright winner.

All in all the MicroMillions event has been a huge success, it is giving smaller stakes players the chance to win a nice pay out in exchange for a small buy-in. The continued success of this and the last event will no doubt ensure that there will be many to follow over the coming years.

Stay tuned and we will certainly keep you up to date with all that is happening in the PokerStars MicroMillions, especially the Main Event which is due to start on the 22nd July.



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