Mike Leah And His 24hr Double Tournament Win

two gold medals

There are any differences between online and live poker and one of them is the fact you can play more than one online tournaments at a time and actually win more than one in one day or generally in a short period of time. However, it is really astonishing for a player to win two live tournaments in a day and this is what Mike Leah did.

Leah managed this on Friday at the WSOP Circuit event being held at the Bicycle Casino over in Los Angeles. He initially won the $580 No-Limit Hold’em event before quickly busting in another and then going on to win in the $365 No-Limit Hold’em Turbo.

All in all it meant that his two victories came within the same 24hrs, something that we think really has to be unprecedented, especially in modern day poker.



He walks away with $31,945 in combined winnings and of course received two WSOP rings for his achievements. On top of that he was rather obviously awarded the title of casino champion and a free seat at this year’s WSOP National Championship.

Take a look at how both events finished on Friday.

Event 9 No Limit Holdem – $580

1st Place) Mike Leah – $16,945

2nd Place) Lucas Fridriksson – $10,470

3rd Place) Andy Choz – $7,560

4th Place) Jeffrey Dobrin – $5,555

5th Place) Allen Hodjat – $4,150

6th Place) Solomon Yi – $3,155

7th Place) Steve Chanthabouasy – $2,440

8th Place) Brian Gorman – $1,915

9th Place) Charles “Woody” Moore – $1,530

Event 11 No Limit Holdem Turbo – $365

1st Place) Mike Leah – $15,440

2nd Place) Caufman Talley – $9,540

3rd Place) Richard Green – $6,890

4th Place) Tim West – $5,060

5th Place) Charles “Woody” Moore – $2,870

6th Place) Solomon Yi – $3,155

7th Place) Sirous Baghchehsaraie – $2,220

8th Place) Thomas Sica – $1,740

9th Place) Nader Arfai – $1,390