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Mike McDonald’s Poker Puppies Are On Their Way!

puppies on woodAnyone’s love affair with poker is completely understandable, and so Mike “Timex” McDonald has been on Twitter taking that passion for the game one step further by asking people to suggest poker related names for all 10 puppies his parents show dog was on the verge of delivering.


In response to the tweet McDonald’s Twitter account was flooded with some pretty impressive names already punted on the social networking site including suggestions such as Phil Hellmuth after the 13 times WSOP Gold Bracelet champ, and “FinddaBone” taken from “FinddaGrind”, which is Patrik Antonius’s Full Tilt poker screen name.


McDonald was up for one of his toughest poker challenges yet as the first puppy was born, he was left with plenty of names to ponder over. Once all 10 were born, McDonald announced on Twitter 10 random names that probably confused most of the poker world at first glance.

Clubs, Diamonds, Spades, Boat, Trips and other such poker names may have given the puppies more of a chance in life, and in the end it was actually all just a bit of tongue of cheek from McDonald after he then tweeted out the real names, but with such a tough job on his hands he could only seriously confirm 4 names so far; Bounty, River, Monaco and Lady Luck.


The last 6 names came almost 15 hours after the first 4 were announced. The lucky remaining pups were named Bubble, Flip, Vegas (of course), Button, All-in, Jackpot (not sure), and Bellagio. Probably the best one there was Bellagio as it is a great name and will no doubt be the most popular as the pup has been named after one of the best casinos in Vegas. The name has commonly been used as a nickname in the UK to describe someone with a lot of cash or if a friend is a bit flush at the moment.


The puppy naming fest was all in good spirit with some great suggestions, and the final outcome was 10 pretty sharp poker names, although Pre-flop or SCOOP would have been my preference to Monaco and Jackpot. Anyway, it was great to see Twitter lit up with some poker fun once again. Maybe McDonald will start a new trend with a wave of future pets around the world sharing names from poker.



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