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Mike “Timex” McDonald Taking Risk To A New Level (vid)

Mike McDonaldWe all know that there is a certain level of risk that the best poker players in the world undertake and in many cases enjoy, yet Mike “Timex” McDonald seems that he is not completely satisfied with the levels of risk that the game gives him.

The risk of losing large amounts of money every time he plays poker does not quite do it for him, though it would certainly do it for the majority of us.

Just recently, the talented poker player who has amassed more than $ 3 million in live career earnings in just five years in the game decided that doing a bit of canyon jumping would give him that risk and adrenaline that he seems to so badly be in need of.

We have to say that after seeing the video that the guy seems to have no fear, as he takes a running jump off of a platform on the end of a rope and down into a canyon. Take a look for yourself and then ask yourself if you could do that?

As you can see, it is certainly not for the faint hearted.

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