Remission Process Complete Full Tilt Poker

completed in red letters

Full Tilt Poker players’ odyssey is reaching its end, with most of those entitled for financial compensation expected to receive their money as soon as November 16th. The Garden City Group was mandated by the Department of Justice to carry out the email notification process and so far everything seems to be going according to plan.

The process began in mid-September and two weeks later, GCG announced that the operation is now complete and all eligible Full Tilt Poker players received their formal notifications. Having said this, there might still be people who didn’t get such an email, but have a valid claim and they are expected to submit their own requests. Furthermore all those who consider that the company failed to indicate the full extent of reimbursement or if their offer doesn’t cover the entire sum then they are entitled to refute the claim.

As for The Garden City Group, they are thrilled with the fact that a total of 1.4 million emails have been sent to those who had their funds seized as a result of Black Friday. 23,500 petitions have been filed by players over the last two weeks, so overall the company has reasons to be satisfied with the results of their endeavor. One challenge that they had to overcome was informing people about their rights to be reimbursed when they no longer had the same email address.

So many years have passed since Full Tilt Poker was closed down by the Department of Justice, that some of the former players no longer use the same e-mail addresses. The solution GCG came up with was to send postcards to their address and at least if we are to believe the company, this solution proved to be effective. Players still have until November 16th to file petitions, but they are recommended not to wait until the very last minute.

Garden City Group made an official announcement for those who consider themselves eligible to be reimbursed. All the details about how to send petitions, how eligible players are identified and how they can issue a challenge are explained in detail at the aforesaid website. An important milestone has been reached for Full Tilt Poker players and if GCG’s plan comes to fruition, it is only fair to expect that all eligible players will be fully reimbursed by the end of the year.