MiniFTOPS XXIII 2 Events Hit the Virtual Felts

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The mini FTOPS has got the cards in the air after a long anticipated wait. The prestigious online event is aimed at low stakes to medium stakes tournament players, with yet another tournament coming from the PokerStars and Full Tilt circuits giving away huge ROIs.

Event 01 – No Limit Texas Holdem Re-Entry

It was a good start to the event as 13,049 players took the tables in a $22 No Limit Texas Hold’em event with a guaranteed prize pool that was set at $200,000. Another $60,980 worth of buy-ins was added on top of that to give a total prize pool of $260,980 to go around the bubble spots.

In the end it was “ChrisStar887” who took the lion’s share of the spoils with a huge ROI to boast alongside the win. For his $22 buy-in he pulled in a huge $40k win.

How the Top 10 in Event 1 Panned Out

1st – “ChrisStar887” won $40,274.43

2nd – “ADubrovin” won $27,141.92

3rd – “akuznecoff1” won $19,051.54

4th – “oppossum5” won $13,831.94

5th – “luiss1982” won $10,047.73

6th – “NovaSky” won $7,176.95

7th – “Adsxvii” won $5,089.11

8th – “ace_rothstein21” won $3,705.91

9th – “timo23eule” won $2,609.80

10th – “ gadzilot” won $1,774.66

Event 02 – No Limit Texas Holdem Escalator

The second event brought in a slightly higher buy-in of $33 with a lower guaranteed prize pool of $50,000. The 3,238 buy-ins still managed to conjure up more player cash to be added to the prize pool than event 1 as $47,140 was ploughed in on top of the $50,000 guarantee to make it a total of $97,140.

As the tournament weaned down to the final table, the last four all decided that they wanted to partake in a deal that would chop the prize pool up and loosen up the poker plays. Sure enough it did and not long after, all four had made their deal the tournament was over with not much at all between second, third and fourth place, while the winner of the tournament ran away with over $7k more than his foes.

How the Top 10 in Event 2 Panned Out

1st – “FrAnKeeZ1” won $17,164.67

2nd – “suhleafs” won $10,581.82

3rd – “suzyana” won $10,209.31

4th – “donk22000” won $7,700.00

5th – “ Mozgolom26” won $4,857.00

6th – “EyeLoveFish” won $3,603.89

7th – “sena_messias” won $2,574.21

8th – “sohoskiracer” won $1,826.23

9th – “Legend King” won $1,233.68

10th – “THEKID_M8” won $854.83

A great day with thousands of dollars already given away. $250,000 in prize money was put in by FTOPS and we saw a big winner in event 1. As for event 2, well it is always nice to see the players share the wealth. Overall almost $360,000 in prize money changed hands after today’s action.