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Mizrachi Takes Down The WSOPC Africa Main Event

For the third time the WSOP Circuit tour made a u-turn into the Southern Hemisphere, an area of the world that has been seeing some intense poker action already in 2013 after the Aussie Millions success further to the East of South Africa.

This time the sharks were swimming in South African with the WSOPC Main Event taking to the felt. In the end the man that took the biggest bite out of the prize pool was Michael Mizrachi crowning himself the South African champ.

The Main event cost $3,300 to get into the action and conjured up 116 entrants mostly South Africans with a few international pros also on the scene. At one point the tournament was looking more and more likely to bring out a South African winner as the final 15 on the last 2 tables consisted of 13 South Africans.

For Mizrachi though, it was just another day at the poker tables with some new competition to get through and he showed just why he has earned the nickname ‘Grinder’. As expected by most as soon as he walked through the doors and registered for the main event Mizarachi grinded out his first WSOP circuit ring.

In the end Mizrach took down $101,267 in winnings and is now just $5,000 away from hitting a total of $14,000,000 in tournament career earnings.

Mizrachi Career Titles

1 WSOP Circuit Ring

3 WSOP bracelets

2 WPT titles

Mizrachi took his circuit ring by wading through some tricky situations where he eventually got down to heads-up versus local boy Karl Myburgh. Mizrachi was clearly chip leader at this point and all it took was pocket queens to see off his challenger and take the title.

Before this, one of the most amazing hands of the tournament was when Mizrachi pulled out a straight flush knocking out his only non-South African contender. He actually began the hand with 10h-10s and was up against another pocket pair 4s-4h, so was clearly the favourite. The flop came Ah-jh-8h with 2 dangerous looking cards to his 10s. The next card was 9h and landed not only a flush draw, but also straight, straight flush and royal flush draws.

Markus Feurie must have known it would be a miracle if his 4% chance of trips came out of the deck, but it wasn’t to be as amazingly to the calls of the Grinder the 7h came out giving the straight flush instead of the Royal flush. After this you couldn’t help but feel this was going to Grinder’s day – a tell that was written all over the face of Myburgh.

The Final Table Standings

1. Michael Mizrachi $101,267

2. Karl Myburgh $62,590

3. Markus Feurie $44,565

4. Jarred Solomon $32,372

5. Kinesh Pather $23,980

6. Kenny Morgan $18,103

7. Menesh Keshav $13,924

8. Eric Brand $10,907

9. Warren Zackey $8,696


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