Mobile Poker Apps

Poker Mobile apps

More and more companies now have now poker apps for mobiles

One of the most recent developments in the world of online poker has been the move onto mobile. The advancement in technology and rise in popularity of smartphone devices has allowed poker players to enjoy their favorite games through mobile applications that are downloadable straight to their phones. Prior to this, access to online poker games were limited to computers, meaning that players were restricted in when and where they could play.

All this changed back in 2006 when the first ever mobile poker application was introduced. Although the ability to play games from any location was very appealing to players, the products were of a low quality and had limited features. It wasn’t until 2010, with the expansion of the wireless network and the availability of WiFi and 3G connections, that the mobile gaming experience improved. This presented the perfect opportunity for the multi-billion dollar industry of online poker to market its products in a completely new way.

Many online poker websites now offer impressive graphical appearances and a full suite of features with their mobile applications. Players are able to make deposits into their accounts, enter online tournaments, chat with their fellow players and enjoy a huge selection of poker games when they are out and about. There are also options to participate in play money or real cash games on a variety of virtual tables.

Poker brands make it easy and straight forward for players to sign up to their mobile applications. Many of the downloadable products are available free of charge and can be easily found by accessing the website from an internet mobile phone. Alternatively, many of the poker internet pages will message links to their mobile products once a player enters their mobile phone details into the site.

Not only does the move into mobile applications give players easier access to their favourite poker games without having to compromise on their gaming experience, but it also provides financial benefits for the online poker brands. Last year, more than 80 percent of all mobile downloads were for gaming products. It is estimated that, because of the increased popularity of playing games via a phone device, gambling applications in particular will generate over £10 billion this year. This shows just how profitable mobile applications can be for poker brands (even when the download is completely free).

Mobile poker is constantly improving with advancements in technology and, as poker brands start targeting their games to tablet devices, the features and graphical quality of poker applications is only set to get better over the coming years.