Mobile poker ban leaves Aussies less than app-y

Mobile smart phone

The sun may shine a little brighter in Australia but internet poker fans living Down Under have seen the Government well and truly rain on their parade after banning a series of mobile casino gaming apps from the country’s Apple stores.

These new measures mean would-be poker players are now unable to purchase the 888 or PokerStars mobile poker apps from their local e-gaming retailer.

And while smartphones and iPhones are not the only way to access poker gaming websites, the changes will make it harder for players to gamble and enjoy card games on the go – one of the supposed benefits of mobile betting in the 21st century.

Australian Federal Senator Richard Di Natale was the first to raise concerns about the use of these mobile platforms, pointing to concerns over the PokerStars app during a government meeting back in April.

During the discussion, Mr Di Natale called for apps of this kind to be banned, warning that at present they were in violation of Australia federal law and, in particular, the Interactive Provisions Act already in place.

His concerns have now been upheld, with a ban to such programmes quietly ushered in this month.

Despite the serious nature of this latest law change, many fans are remaining upbeat about the prospects for the internet poker market in Australia, noting that with a new general election due to take place across the country in mid-September, the laws could be reversed in next to no time.

The only problem with such a viewpoint is that, with other issues sure to dominate the political agenda, even a change of government could fail to result in a change to the recently-introduced ruling.

All of which means that Australian audiences are unlikely to see poker gaming apps for the mobile in shops of any kind in the near future.

It’s not all doom and gloom for Aussie-based poker fanatics though, with players still very much allowed to continue playing the world’s most popular card game from the comfort of their own personal computers.

What it does signal, though, is an end to playing poker on the go, with the nearest fans can now get to such a move being laptop access to any one of the many poker providers available.

Meanwhile, the subject of online poker continues to be debated in the US, with a recent Senate committing meeting to discuss a potential relaxation to the laws prohibiting play stateside.