Molly Bloom Story to Become a Movie

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You are all probably aware of the name Molly Bloom by now, the woman that famously arrested and charged for hosting illegal high stakes cash games at her home that were often frequented by actors such as Ben Affleck, Tobey Maguire, Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon.

She allegedly made millions of dollars hosting these games before being among 33 people arrested for operating an illegal gambling ring. She pled guilty to those charges in December last year and quickly went about writing her memoirs on the whole thing which was released as her book called “Molly’s Game”.

That book was released in order to reveal more about who played in her games and what she thought of many of them whilst also detailing how she became embroiled and involved in the games herself even though she had never played a hand of poker in her life.

Snapped Up for a Movie

Well now, according to Deadline Hollywood, that book has been optioned by the Mark Gordon company and there will now be a movie made about the high profile illegal cash games that she used to host.

The movie is set to tell the whole story from how she became involved after initially starting out her adult life as a top class skier that represented the US national team. She was apparently among the top five women skiers in North America but she was omitted from the Olympic team and decided to try something else in life.

Initially she went to law school but it was during the year that she was attending that she started to host these games. Whether she met somebody at law school who introduced her to these high stakes players is unclear, something that will hopefully come out in the movie.

The movie will most likely also concentrate on the games themselves and the big names that were said to regular play. The actors that we have already mentioned alongside sporting superstars and rich businessmen used to play poker for huge sums of money with Bloom earning her money through rake on the games.

In her book she talks about certain players and how they behaved during these games, claiming that Tobey Maguire was the best player but not the nicest person after allegedly trying to make her bark like a dog for a tip.

We will bring more details about this movie as soon as we learn anything new but it is definitely interesting news that poker will once again be involved in a movie.


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