Montreal Festival M.E Day 2 – Trepanier Leading 85 (vid)

Montreal in dusk

The Full Tilt Poker Montreal Festival has now seen its field reduced down to just 85 after Day 2 witnessed the 478 remaining players at the start of the day go at it once more. The day also saw the bubble period reached and breached with the top 171 players all receiving some form or payout.

As the day finished after another long session at the tables, it was Jeremie Trepanier that finished with the chip lead after collecting up 1,955,000 chips. He has a lead of more than $500k and is looking in good shape to mount a serious challenge on this title.

Other players that are still involved include Victor Ramdin, Dermot Blain and the Vinny Pahuja, with each of them now looking to push on and make that final table later today.

Amongst those that were not fortunate enough to progress included Gus Hansen, Antonio Esfandiari and Chanracy Khun. With regards to Hansen though, he was needed in the commentary booth after being eliminated. It must have been hot in there as he decided to take his clothes off.

The remaining players will all be coming back to the felt at midday to see if they can make a final push for that final table. Be sure to drop in with us to find out just who those players are.

The Current Top Ten

1st) Jeremie Trepanier – 1,955,000

2nd) Kostadinos Kiropoulos – 1,400,000

3rd) Eric Al Halaby – 1,200,000

4th) Gil Simpritol – 1,120,000

5th) Francesco Buffone – 1,100,000

6th) Russell Crane – 1,045,000

7th) Vineet Pahuja – 1,037,500

8th) Dawn Mootrey – 1,000,000

9th) Tyler Nolan – 1,000,000

10th) Vincen Grenon – 972,000